Divera (Metal/Hard Rock) - Baltimore, Maryland

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"To Love and Burn" Single Review
Divera are making strides within the Baltimore Metal music scene. This track is a follow up to their previous "Shiv" single (read our review here). The track hits hard right off the bat with a nice crunchy breakdown. The guttural vocals come in and sway to and fro with some melody and bite. The Deftones-esque melodic chorus takes the track to an entirely different level before going off the rails shortly thereafter with another tremendous breakdown. The technicality is on full display later on as the guitars swirl around the melodic vocals and creates a tornado of melodic Metal. The track ends with a spectacular guitar solo. Divera have cranked up their sound to 11 with this release and we can't wait to hear what more they have in store.

Divera puts the Metal/Hard Rock scene on notice with their newest single.

"Shiv" Single Review
Divera are an up and coming Metal/Hard Rock duo from Baltimore looking to make their mark in the Metal scene. The track opens up with some chugging riffs and drums before adding some haunting Hard Rock melodic vocals to the mix. The track then takes it to an even higher gear as the instrumentation gets heavier. The chaotic nature of the instrumentation brings to mind later Converge or Code Orange with its intensity and technicality. Later in the track is mosh inducing which then gives away to a guitar solo which closes out the track soon after. With new music on the horizon, you should definitely keep your eye on this band.

Divera showcase their hard as nails sound with their "Shiv" single.