Dream Legacy

Dream Legacy (Rock) - Germany

Dream Legacy are a powerhouse rock band from Germany who are emerging as a standard bearer for music that defines the classic and progressive heavy rock sound adored by millions around the globe. The brainchild of Andy Paynes and Alan Medeiros, the six-piece band also comprises of members John Zell, Ryan Zell, Ebo Hösch, Michael Hauck, and world-renowned vocalist André Carswell.

Andy Paynes has been a guitarist for over 30 years and as the pandemic took hold, he immersed himself in the studio to write and record the music he loved. As his vision evolved, he brought in lyricist Alan Medeiros and the idea of Dream Legacy was born. Putting together 15 songs in a short space of time, the duo decided to bring in Andy’s former bandmates from the 80s and new members Michael Hauck and former Anyone’s Daughter lead singer André Carswell to the project.

This band of brothers now had the foundation to produce the fast riffs, driving rhythms and electric power demanded of a high performing rock group. Anthemic vocals underpinned by a solid bass groove and complex harmonies, Dream Legacy have all the essential elements to lead their fans forward in a celebration of glorious rock music.

As the pandemic rolled on, they have been perfecting an album titled "Once In A Lifetime". Due out in 2022, it dreams of the future and reflects the legacy of rock music through the ages. Mixed and mastered by the one and only Hayo Well near Stuttgart, there will be a number of singles released this year as the final album production takes form.

As the impending singles "Feel The Love" and "The End Of The World" demonstrate, the band are able to navigate the turbulent waters of classic rock music and build a future of their own making. Reminiscent of a world we have forgotten but desperate to hang onto once discovered, they remind the world what happens when real musicians get together.

Dream Legacy bring their past and future imaginings together to deliver a soundscape of intense quality to an increasing fanbase. With the world opening up to live performances once again, expect to hear and see their work bring the joy and excitement back to the music scene that we have all yearned for.

"Set Me Free" Single Review
The track starts right in with some nice steady Rock tempo. The melodic vocals come in but the listener is already hooked at that point. There's an immediate catchy factor to it while it glides along the first verse. The upbeat, infectious chorus takes hold and spreads its wings far and wide. The bridge features more melody as it slows down a bit before a short guitar solo takes over. The chorus kicks back in and closes out the last minute of the track perfectly.

Dream Legacy are ready to set the Rock world on fire with their newest single.

"Really Loving You" Single Review
The track pours out emotion from the first note as melodic tones take over. The melodic vocals enter the fray and creates an overwhelming emotional feeling as the track hits its stride. Near the three minute mark is a guitar solo that takes things up a notch but it doesn't overpower the track. The solo stays true to the passion and keeps the pace and tone right with everything else. The track overall has an old school 80's Rock ballad feel to it and it fits right alongside the great ballads.

Dream Legacy's newest single is a ballad that's emotional with every note.

"The End of the World" Single Review
The track starts up right away with driving Rock riffs and melodic vocals to get the party started. The soaring vocals keeps up the energy as the riffs swirl around. The pace picks up toward the chorus and has a crunch to it. The melodies are extremely accessible to get into and has a Journey feel to it. The second verse continues the blazing path set before it and keeps the riffs and melodies coming in droves. The bridge features a transcendent guitar solo to help build even more tremendous depth. The chorus comes back in and wraps a tight bow on the track as a whole.

Dream Legacy aim for the Rock music stars with their newest single.

"Feel the Love" Single Review
The track starts right away with riffs that venture back into the Classic Rock days. The Rush like opening gives way to the melodic vocals to get the first verse gliding along. The chorus kicks things up a few notches as it has a 80's Hard Rock crunch that pulls in the listener immediatly. The chorus is extremely catchy and eays to sing along with. The second verse continues with a Rock confidence that very few can pull off. The bridge features an incredible guitar solo that lights the track on fire. The chorus helps close out the Rock banger in style.

Dream Legacy create a fever dream of Rock spectrums via their newest single.

-Interview- (10/22/21)
1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Dream Legacy" and is there any meaning behind it?

Andy Paynes started of the age of 14 years learning guitar. Up from 18 years heI played in different local bands in Biberach/south Germany till he was 28. Then he stopped playing music and did a regular job for 32 years. All the times we played self written songs, we didn`t cover songs. With 55 Andy wanted to play guitar again, bought some new equipment and practiced for 3 years. When Andy was 58, he decided to stop working to realize his dream- composing a heavy rock album. Andy bought some home recording equipment, started to learn the recording software and realized some ideas and composed some songs. The first 2 songs were `Don`t Waste Your tTime`and `Let It Rock`,both are for him some of the best songs of the album. When Andy started to compose and record songs, he didn`t know if he is a good songwriter, but after composing and recording the first 5 songs, Andy realized that he have the skills and that he is able to make a good album. Over Hayo Well, the owner of a sound studio, who mixed and mastered all songs, Andy got contact to André Carswell, an american professional vocalist. André liked the songs and through the pandemic, he had time to sing the songs. When most of the songs were done, Andy asked his former band collegues Ebo Hösch (Drums), John Zell (Rhythm Guitar), Ryan Zell (Bass Guitar), to found a band and play the songs. They agreed. Addtionally André Carswell (Vocals) an Michael Hauck (Keyboards) completed the band. Right now we practice the songs for playing them life after the pandemic.

Andy`s close friend and advisor, Alan Medeiros, founded the name oft he project: Dream Legacy. Dream Legacy stands for: To live our life for rock music and to fulfill our dream, to create timeless rock music, to play it live on stage and to give and leave a timeless musical monument to our audience. Our songs are our „legacy“.

2. What do you want people to take away from your music?

Our messages stand for life experiences, life inspiration, feelings, questions how we spend our time and even thoughts about the corona pandemic (The End Of The World). The title of the 15 track album, which will get released in 2022 "Once In A Lifetime" stands for Andy Paynes' dream and goal of producing a rock album - once in a lifetime.

3. How would you describe your sound to the average listener?

Dream Legacy stands for American-influenced classic rock, paired with progressive elements. Melodies as well as pronounced rhythms and polyphonic singing are the load-bearing foundations of all songs. Our style "Legacy Rock": Classic Rock, Power Rock, hard Rock`n Roll, solemn, melodic rock ballads up to classic hard and heavy rock. Our musical roots are apparently in the 80s.

4. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Kiss, Pretty Maids (Andy`s favourite band), and the Scorpions.

5. How has Covid affected what you do as a band?

Not that much. Andy was composing and recording the album until April 2020. After that mixing and mastering the album, Up from 2021 founding a label, studying a lot for producing the album, artworks, promotion together with his bandmates….and the band started practicing the songs.

6. What’s your take on the current state of Rock?

Rock Music is loved by a huge audience around the world. Rock music is timeless and will exist forever. Our motivation to start into the music business was creating good music, giving good feelings and happiness to our audience.

7. What’s the current music scene like in Germany?

Germany has basically a good Rock Culture. There are many bands in this genre. But we are not so deep inside the german music scene because we didn’t play music over the last years except our drummer, André and Michael, who made music all the time. It`s our biggest aim is to make concerts in front of a big audience, certainly starting in Germany.

8. What’s your take on the royalties that streaming services pay out to artists?

Streaming music is a good and fast way to reach a bigger audience and to get new fans … but not earning money for the artists! Andy produced the album on his own costs. To promote your product is very important but expensive too. Without partners it’s nearly impossible for an unknown independent Band to play on all promotion channels.

9. What’s next for Dream Legacy?

Practicing the songs to get fit for life gigs. We hope to find agencies or organizers to get the opportunities to play life. And last but not least to make new songs. 4 of them are already composed and recorded. As professional musicians, André and Michael have also their own project and produced the album „André Carswell – Singing for Your Soul“.

10. Any shoutouts?

We love playing our music and we play it with all our passion. We hope that a huge audience love our songs and like to see and hear us live on stage.