Echoes in Ashes

Echoes in Ashes (Metal) - Arizona

We are a metalcore band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We started in 2018 with our first show at Joe's Grotto. Soon after our first show we began playing at Club Red and introduced everyone to our first recorded single "Into the Abyss". As time went on, we played more shows and also played with some with big name acts such as DOPE and Hed PE. We released a self-titled EP in 2019 with 3 songs. We also released a music video for the single off the EP, "Forgotten". In 2020 we began to make a change and focused on us as a band and what we wanted. In this development we gained a drummer by the name of John Fry. With the help of John, Myles, Cody and Chris, this band began making its first full length album, FLAWS. FLAWS was produced and mastered by our own Myles Mcneal. On December 11th of 2021 we played a headline show to release our album at The Rebel Lounge. The album has seen amazing results and we could not be happier. Go check out the album for yourself on any music platform you use.

"Flaws" Album Review
"Pieces" is a minute and a half instrumental intro track that builds ambience with its tones as well as a thunderous breakdown to set the album off on a heavy note. "The Unseen" is a current single and perfectly showcases that fact. The early As I Lay Dying intensity hits the mark with its electrifying riffs and aggressive vocals. The chorus blazes a melodic path but doesn't get caught up with clean singing. The breakdowns hit all the right notes and destroy everything in their path. "The Runaway" starts with a driving riff before blasting into the stratosphere with its Bury Tomorrow like melodic Metalcore sound. While there's a bounce factor and clean sung vocals in the chorus, they don't weigh anything down, instead adding that dynamic layer of depth. "L.E.S.D" takes chaos to even greater heights. The breakneck opening sets the tremendous pace and it doesn't let up during its runtime. The track is possibly the heaviest track on the whole album and it bares its teeth to the fullest. "Hive Mind" is technical Metalcore through and through and harkens back to the days of Blood Has Been Shed with its twists and turns. The track keeps the listener on their toes in all the good ways. "Against the Currents" features stellar melodic riffage and high quality aggressive vocals that should make this a live crowd fan favorite in no time. "Kaleidoscope" keeps a bounce factor in its tempo as it goes full speed ahead down the Metalcore path. The track doesn't pull any punches and still hits as hard as the early tracks on the album. "Unbridled" switches things up as it features more synth and clean vocals along with its heaviness. The track overall brings to mind later His Statue Falls in its delivery. "Down to Ashes" brings with its a later Endwell like audio assault. The breakdowns are fierce and the guitars shred in their wake. "Dead Weight" wraps up the album perfectly as it summarizes everything the band brings to the table and that's pure heaviness and carnage.

The newest album from Echoes in Ashes is top notch heaviness at its finest.