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"Skyrocket" EP Review
Let's face it, the Pop Punk genre is alive and well. The genre is thriving with new blood such as Break Out Day, Late Night Drive, Room On The 3rd Floor, Tuskens, Sorry Mom and now Elbow Room (Sorry Mom and Elbow Room are both from Ohio by the way). Elbow Room earlier this year released their five track "Skyrocket" EP. Let's take a gander and see what they're all about. The opener "Hindsight" has that high energy Pop Punk sound that any fan of the genre will eat up. The track has a unique bounce factor to it as it incorporates some very incredible breakdowns. It gets the blood flowing that's for sure. "Rooftops" keeps the frantic pace moving along. The track brings to mind the highly infectious tendencies of acts such as New Found Glory and Neck Deep. The lyrics are passionate and will no doubt linger with people as they're listening. "Skyrocket" cranks the intensity to 11 as the guitar riff that opens up the track blares loud and proud. The track dips down to a melodic verse before building back up to stratosphere. It's an incredible track and the radio play appeal is off the charts. The guitar solo on the track is tremendous! "Circumstance" plays it a but more chill. The track is acoustic and pulls on the heartstrings of the listener. The closer "Aura" showcases what the band is all about. High energy, fun and melody are on full display. If you're a fan of Pop Punk, you need this EP in your collection RIGHT NOW!

Elbow Room deserve your attention with this Pop Punk masterpiece.