Exit 27

Exit 27 (Rock) - Anderson, South Carolina

Exit 27 is a high-energy Rock band based in Anderson, SC.

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"Album" Album Review
Exit 27 are a young up and coming band from South Carolina that look to take the Rock world by storm via their new release. Let's dive on in and see if they have what it takes. The opening track "Holiday" has a long instrumental intro as the vocals don't kick in until over the one minute mark. The track overall has a bit of Grunge, a bit of Alternative Rock and some Blues. It's a great opener that pulls in the listener and doesn't let go. "Queen of Broken Promises" is more upbeat and turns up the heat. The high energy Rock sound is refreshing and is easily accessible. There's a throwback Rock vibe to the track as it churns along at a fast clip. "Toxic" should be a single. The track oozes excitement, confidence and awesome Rock fun. It's a tremendous track that will surely be a fan favorite in no time. The guitar solo on the track is incredible. "When You're High" is another high octane banger. The track brings the riffs to the forefront as it shreds along throughout its three and a half minute length. There's another guitar solo on the track that catapults the track to even greater heights. "Take It" slows things down a bit. The track is more of a Rock ballad as it pours out extreme emotion with every note. "Black Krow" is easy to sing along to and features the Blues/Rock sound. Everything about the track is outstanding and every fan of Rock music should dig it. "P.O.S." has a solid tempo, frantic guitar solo and haunting vocals. It's a track that sets up the closer nicely. The closing track "River" is awesome. If you need to know anything about Exit 27, it's that their sound is a throwback but modern. It's hard to ignore and that's what the Rock music world needs right now. Check these guys out right now if you need some fresh Rock in your lives.

Exit 27's newest album aims to bring the classic Blues/Rock sounds of the 70s to the modern Rock scene.