Falcon's Bandits

Falcon's Bandits (Rock) - Boston, Massachusetts

Rock rooted band from Boston. Our first EP is finally out. More shows soon!

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"Falcon's Bandits" EP Review
Falcon's Bandits are a Rock band coming at you from Boston, MA who have an older Rock swagger to them that brings out their influences such as Warren Zevon, Billy Joel and Elton John. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The opening track "The Hopping Waiter" has a Warren Zevon vibe to it as it glides along effortlessly through its Country/Blues/Folk/Rock sound. The track takes you on an emotional journey through its six and a half minute span. The guitar work on the track is top notch while the vocals keep the roller coast of emotion churning. It has a little bit of everything to it and really packs a lot of punch. "Waste The Night With Me" has a slow draw that features some tremendous piano work. The track has a ton of depth as it has the guitar solos, splendid piano and soothing passionate Rock vocals. It sounds like it'd be perfect for a 1950's movie soundtrack. "Holly Mae" picks the pace back up a bit and features a Folk like groove. There's an emotion on the track in regards to the missing of "Holly Mae" that is sure to strike a chord with listeners. The harmonica solo is refreshing and keeps the listener on their toes. There's so many layers on this track that you're sure to find something you like. "Pearl Of Istanbul" is the shortest track on the EP but is still a fantastic Rock song through and through. It's so good and really showcase what the band is capable of. It's extremely radio friendly and has that nice throwback sound. "The Place You Hide" opens with a harmonica sound before transitioning into their signature sound. It's a track that has an almost ballad/Elton John sound to it. The track is very impressive and should be a fan favorite in short time. "Empress Of The Winds In Heaven" is an near nine minute track that jams everything about Falcon's Bandits into one epic closer of a track. The track and EP as a whole is an easy listen and anyone looking to fall back in love with the older Rock sound should check these guys out.

Falcon's Bandits brings to light the bygone era of Rock by way of their EP.