Fallen From Skies

Fallen From Skies (Metalcore) - Mexico

Fallen From Skies was formed in Montevideo - Uruguay after the dissolution of Ilegal (Rock & Rolla) in the middle of the year 2013, being main idea of ​​Gino Bianchi (Composer and author of FFS) to aim at a higher level which Would allow him to expand his art a little more. The first formation of FFS was formed by the same members of Illegal (Rock & Rolla) Gino Bianchi (Guitar and Voice), Daniel Leiva (Guitar) Santiago Cardozo (Bajo) and German Hernández (Drums). In August of 2013 FFS enters the studio to record Change, its first single that was promoted in radial stations of different countries of Latin America (Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela).

In October of that same year German Hernandez is forced to leave the band by personal subjects and is replaced by Manuel Fernandez on the drums, parallel to the departure of German, FFS was preparing for the creation and recording of his first Ep that would be titled Lies in You, aiming the project to another scale and moving to Santiago de Chile, with the objective of carrying out a South American tour. For differences with the goal proposed by FFS, Manuel Fernández leaves the band in December 2013 and joins Bruno Scala in January 2014, thus consolidating the band continuing with the recording of his first Music Video, belonging to the theme "Change”. While they waited for the edition of the video clip Change Gino Bianchi began working on the compositions that would have the first Ep Titled Lies in You, in October of the 2014 enter the study in order to record, to mix and to masterize Lies in You. In January of 2015 FFS prepares the bags and moves to Santiago de Chile where the first presentations and a future tour will be prepared, but due to diverse economic and internal problems in the band, FFS separated completely causing the return to Uruguay of all The members less their composer and author Gino Bianchi.Facing this unfavorable situation, Gino decides to stay in Santiago de Chile and rearm the project to be able to fulfill the goal that seemed impossible.

After the unceasing search for musicians, 3 members from different Latin American countries meet, Jämie DeGuivar (Bolivia), Max Zuccarino (Argentina) and Andy Rod (Chile), who during the same year would be replaced by Evan Greed (Chile). With the new formation, the concept of unification of the masses will be proposed, taking its music through a Tour called " Latin America Unida sin prejuicios", which led FFS in argentina, Uruguay and Chile, with a total of 15 concerts. In the middle of 2016, for personal reasons and internal differences of the band, Jämie DeGuivar separates of FFS, being replaced by Sebastian Del Pino (Chile), who was in charge of the drums during the second part of the Tour "Latin America Unida sin prejuicios". During the month of December 2016 FFS moved to Argentina, in order to record his new video clip, corresponding to the theme "Like Tomorrow's The End", first cut of the new album titled "Responsibles", recorded by FFS, produced, mixed and mastered by Black Book Sound Studios' Robby Joyner (Fire From The Gods, Cathleen, Whether I).

Currently living in Mexico and finishing his tour "Legacy Unbroken Mexico Tour", which visited more than 15 cities in the country.

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"Responsibles" EP Review
Fallen From Skies are a band that have roots in Mexico, Uruguay, and Argentina and are determined to create a tour-de-force Metalcore sound that stands head to toe with the heavyweights of the scene. Their recent "Responsibles" EP does just that and let's tell you why in our review. The opening track "Like Tomorrow's The End" starts off with drums and chanting before blasting into some incredible Metalcore sound. The clean melodic vocals come through soon after but just add enough melody that brings to mind early As I Lay Dying. It might be melodic but it's still hard as Metalcore comes. The breakdown near the end of the track is just absolutely crushing. "F.E.A.R" kicks right in and doesn't back down from anything. The track goes full balls to the wall and features a Slipknot type sound to it with the clean melody along with the mosh pit inducing Metal sound. The chorus soars and the track should be a fan favorite right away. The closing track "Chance to Revenge" opens up with acapella singing before breaking into a bouncy breakdown. The track has a different feel than the other tracks but it still has that bite to it. The melody on the track is top notch and very very infectious. There's even a guitar solo on the track that takes it to an even higher level. The only drawback with the EP is that it's only three tracks long.

Fallen From Skies are merciless in their Melodic Metalcore approach with their recent "Responsibles" EP.