Five Ways To Nowhere

Five Ways To Nowhere (Hard Rock) - Turin, Italy

Five Ways To Nowhere is a powerful blend of loud guitars, aggressive and groovy riffs, a scratchy voice with catchy melodies all driven by a neurotic rhythm section.

The first spark that brought the band to life was when Dario Orlando and Charlotte S first met. Their musical journey began with other musicians, other sounds, other names, creating an alchemy that later became the core of Five Ways To Nowhere. Soon other members joined in to complete the line-up: Matteo "TEO" Lassandro with his face-melting rhythm guitars, the versatile drummer Fabio Brunetti and the bassist Silvia "SIXBASS" Casetta. In December 2016 bassist Davide “DAVY” Rocco replaced Silvia Casetta.

That’s how this new rock band was born. Their music is a mix of Hard Rock and Alternative that creates an explosive and melodic sound in the wake of bands like Halestorm, Shinedown, Papa Roach and others.

That’s Five Ways To Nowhere. 100% Rock.

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"Bite Hard" Album Review
The opener "Love To Hate" is an awesome opener as it kicks right in and doesn't slow down in its three minute span. The track introduces the listener to the signature sound of the band off the bat and it really shines bright. "Obsessed" starts off with a driving, marching riff to get things going. It feeds the fire of the high energy of the track. The chorus is highly infectious and boy are the riffs on point! They describe themselves as having "Rock riffs, scratching melodies and a neurotic sound" and that's dang accurate. The track moves along with the intensity and appeal of high profile acts such as Papa Roach and Halestorm. "Over The Line" is like a runaway freight train of Rock coming at you at full speed. It's got that hard edge and melody to help make it an outstanding track to just jam out to. "Roll The Dice" is high octane Rock at its finest from the first note to the last. The guitar riffs are on point and the melodic vocals keep things rockin' at a high level throughout. "Mr. Grey" has single written all over it. The whirlwind like riffs and vocals will get listener singing along right away with its catchiness. "Twisted" is another banger. The track cranks up the pace even further and creates a flurry of riffs and melody that's rare to hear nowadays. "Vodka Queen" kicks off with a melodic intro that transitions into an upbeat glorious Rock sound. The high energy brings to mind Guano Apes or Halestorm. The controlled chaos mix with melody perfectly and creates an highly infectious single. The guitar solo is simply amazing. Overall, the track is three minutes of pure Rock energy. "Slowmotional" is a rollercoaster of adrenaline filled Rock music. It's upbeat and really sets things on fire with its intensity. The closer "Wildstyle" pushes the bar even higher as the riffs are even more out of this world. The track pumps adrenaline through the speakers as it's a harder track than the previous one and really takes things up a few notches with its Rock tendencies and catchiness. This track will surely be a fan favorite as its easy to sing along to and rock out to. The guitar solo on the track is tremendous and really makes this a standout track.

Five Ways To Nowhere set the world on fire with their new hard hitting album.

Five Ways To Nowhere have a fierce double single that pumps out the Rock jams all the way from Italy.

-Interview- (10/4/18)
1. First off, what's new with the band?

Hi guys, it’s so good to be back here! Well, we got a bunch of cool things I’d say. We’ve been stuck in the studio during last months working on new songs: we’re pretty excited and we can’t wait to play them live! Lots of shows are coming, so we look forward to see some old (and new, of course) faces ;-) Moreover, our plan is to release our first full length next year: it'll will be released through our German record label FemMeropa, so...stay tuned!

2. What can you tell us about your new music?

I think it’s a bit heavier, but of course there are all those scratchy & catchy melodies that typify us! I love the way we write our music: normally everything starts from an idea of a riff and chorus that I write with Charlotte then we work all together on arrangements. We all have different backgrounds, but that’s our strength: I really need my bandmates opinion in order to complete a song and make it sounds like a “Five Ways To Nowhere” song.

3. What's your favorite place to play and why?

I personally like small clubs where you can see all faces, touch hands and where our sound has a much better impact on people. Of course it’s super cool playing big open air stages, but I’m kinda digging small clubs.

4. What are you currently listening to?

I love listening to new stuff and discovering new bands. These days I’m really appreciating the new Halestorm album: it’s heavier then the previous ones and it got a kind of “grunge” approach. Pretty cool! But there's a bunch of underground bands which are amazing! For example, I love the last album from Reverend Backflash called “Too Little, Too Late”: this band from Vienna is one of the coolest Rock N Roll act in Europe! I know them since years and they’re good friends of mine, as well, so... check them out folks! ;-)

5. How has your new music ("Vodka Queen") differed from your previous material?

“Vodka Queen” is the last double-single we released this year, but the song was written when we were working on “Wildstyle” and “Obsessed” about a year and half ago. We agreed with our record label to release “Vodka Queen” (together with our cover version of the 80s super hit “Bette Davis Eyes”) as a second double-single for promotional reasons, so this song sounds pretty similar to “Wildstyle” and “Obsessed”. I particularly love the lyrics of this song: Charlotte always writes cool lyrics and she can always find the best way make our songs sound like we want to.

6. What are some things in the near future that you're looking forward to?

Playing a lot of shows! We recently signed a contract with Black Dog Booking: this agency is based in Milan and its staff is so cool! Serious people who really work for the artists they sign with. They are helping us a lot on booking shows in Italy, so...we’re getting ready!

7. If there's one thing you could change about the Rock music scene in general what would it be and why?

I’d love to see local bands supporting each others like it was, at least here in Italy, back in the 90s. I think it’s crucial because without this, it’s difficult to grow up. Supporting each others means go to other bands shows, sharing videos on social media, buying other bands albums and merch. Then, of course, each band has to work to make their own fan base bigger, but it would easier if we support each other.

8. What do you wish to accomplish in the next year with Five Ways To Nowhere?

Like I said, our first full length is our first goal. Then, playing live shows! Small clubs, big clubs, open air festivals...because even if it’s cool to work in the studio and recording music, there’s nothing like a live show! ;-)

-Interview- (7/5/17)
1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Five Ways To Nowhere” and is there any meaning behind it?

We like to define our music as a mix of Hard Rock and Alternative that creates an explosive and melodic sound in the wake of bands like Halestorm, Shinedown, Papa Roach and others. We all come from different genres, from 80’s Rock N Roll to Metal, from Punk Rock to Alternative, but that’s a very good thing for us: our different backgrounds join together when we write our songs and we love the result! Concerning our name, oh man, it’s been a hell! We were looking for a name that could sound “new”. Sometimes a short name could be easier to remember, but we wanted to have the “five” concept as we’re five people and our sound comes from 5 vibes that play together. “Ways To Nowhere” expresses the idea of a Rock N Roll journey with no direction having our music as a travel buddy.

2. What do you want people to take away from your double single?

We released our double single “Obsessed/Wildstyle” last March 3rd through the German Label FemMeropa and it was a pretty good success honestly! Both songs reached more that 60k streams on Spotify in 4 months, which is not that bad ;-) People love those songs. They represent our band perfectly and we’re very proud of them. After the release we’ve been contacted from booking agencies and from some magazines for interviews, so cool! Moreover, on July 16th we’re gonna play at Masters of Rock Festival in Czech Republic, which is the biggest rock/metal Festival in Central Europe. On the same day, on the main stage, there will be artists as Lacuna Coil, Dee Snider, Vince Neil, Edguy, Rage and many more...we can’t wait to play there!

3. What can people expect from your live show?

We always give blood, sweat and tears as we love playing live! We’re a rock band that loves the “live experience” much more that the studio. Packing and loading tons of gear, driving, no sleeping, sweating, knowing new people...all of this makes us happy and proud of what we do. Playing live gives you a feeling that’s more “real”: I mean, you can taste can touch’s live! There’s nothing better, man!

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

Personally I love to play “Wildstyle”. We normally play it as the last, so when it comes, I’m tired but it’s like a shot, man. Adrenaline rushes to the max and I’m ready to run all over the stage towards the finale.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Well, one of them is definitely Halestorm: I love them and it would be awesome! Of course, it would be a dream come true to play with my teenage idols Motley Crue, eh eh Last but not least, The Dead Daisies: a great band with super cool musicians. It would be an honor to be on tour with these guys. We’ll be able to learn a lot from them, that’s for sure.

6. What’s your take on the current state of Rock?

Rock n Roll is always there! It’s everywhere, you can feel it anytime! By the way, there are still a lot of very good bands out there, from US, from Europe and more, so there’s a wide choice. There are some new subgenres, but, in the end, it’s only Rock N Roll ;-).

7. What’s the current music scene like there in Italy both locally and country wide?

Our local scene is cool, but it could be better. Torino (our hometown) has a lot of cool underground bands and it’s growing up. The problem is always the same: to attract people to live gigs. You know, Italy never had the so-called “band culture”, as it’s a country which always had the “singer culture”, that’s it. Sad but true. Another problem is that a lot of young musicians don’t attend to other bands gigs and I don't understand why. I always went to see local bands gigs there were (and there still are) good bands and, above all, because I love supporting our local scene. If all musicians do the same, our scene will be huge: simple as that.

8. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

There’s nothing we can do about it. World’s moving very fast, so, what can we do? Nowadays is much easier for a band to put their music on the internet and let people listen to it. There’s too much in my opinion, too many bands, so you gotta have something really good to grab other people’s attention. it’s so easy to “skip” today, so...if your music is not good enough from second 1, you’ll be skipped. I’m not against legal downloading, of course: I repeat, that’s the way it is today ;)

9. What’s next for Five Ways To Nowhere?

As I said, we’re really looking forward to play at Masters of Rock Festival. We’re also working on booking shows for the next seasons. We’ve already planned to record new stuff and videos, so...check our website ( and our Facebook page ( to get updated and...stay tuned for more Rock N Roll.

10. Any shoutouts?

Have fun, enjoy your life...and don’t forget to Rock N Roll!!!