Flood Peak

Flood Peak (Sludge Metal) - Portland, Oregon

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"Plagued By Sufferers" EP Review
Flood Peak are up and coming in the Metal scene as they intertwine various forms of Metal into their own unique signature sound. Let's dive into their most recent EP and see what they're all about. The opening track "Precursor" is dark, gritty and takes you into the depths of what Flood Peak is all about. The track twists and turns with different forms of Metal including Progressive, Doom and Sludge. It's a powerful opener to say the least. "Scourge" takes its time in building an ominous setting. There's a bit of Neurosis and maybe even early Mastodon influence in its brash delivery once it starts firing on all cylinders. "Mire" is a beast. The track flows naturally with the dark sound that the band conjures up. The breakdowns, guitar riffs, thundering drums and fierce vocals all work incredibly well during its eight minute span. The closing track "Veiled By Summoners" is eleven minutes of sheer gloom and doom. The track has that epic feel to it as its a roller coaster of emotion, passion and calculated chaos that helps set apart them from the pack in the Metal scene.

Flood Peak look to set the bar even higher in the Sludge Metal world with their newest EP.