Forever Frost

Forever Frost (Metal) - Port Alberni, British Columbia

Forever Frost is a group of dudes from an island off the west coast of Canada who all love heavy and aggressive music. It was fitting that they formed together to create something that both them and their audience can love and get into. They aim to be just as energetic as their music.

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"These Ghosts" Single Review
British Columbia based Metal band Forever Frost have set their sights on the Metal scene with their new single "These Ghosts". Let's get into it and see what they're all about. The track kicks off with an opening that has a nice little BoyHitsCar type Rock riff. The build of the riff leads into the utter surreal Metal sound that comes after it. The guitar is stellar in this intro. Once the vocals kick in, all bets are off and the band cranks it to 11 with explosive breakdowns and energy galore. The head banging and circle pit appeal that follows is off the charts. The build of the guitar lead into the second verse and keeps things running at a breakneck speed. The track goes into an even higher gear later on with blast beat type drums and a closing breakdown that would make Hatebreed jealous.

Forever Frost creates a recipe of crushing, fast paced Metal that results in a new kick ass single.