Fusca Stella

Fusca Stella (Rock) - Nashville, Tennessee

Fusca Stella is a brand new Rock band out of the Nashville TN area. The band consists of Henry Perry on lead guitar, Gabe Thomason on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Lucas Ciccoline on bass, and John Ray on drums. Fusca Stella was formed 9 months after Henry, Gabe, and Lucas's old band, The White Walls, disbanded. They reunited in November of 2016 to start a pure Rock project and recruited highschool friend and drummer John Ray. Driven by their own impoverished financial situations and less than desirable social situations the band is on a mission to establish their sound as a household name.

Upcoming Shows:
More shows coming soon.

"Do You Know?" Single Review
Fusca Stella are a young band from the Rock music hotbed of Nashville, TN. With influences such as Led Zeppelin, The Who and Muse, let's dive in and see what they're all about. The track kicks off with some silky smooth riffs and grooves before the 70's psychedelic Rock-esque vocals kick in. The upbeat soaring chorus takes the track to an even higher level. There's a slight Funk to the bass lines but it's still extremely easy to listen to. Once the guitar solo comes in later in the track, all bets are off and the band really takes things up a notch. There's an old school Rock flair to the track that many will surely enjoy.

If you're looking for that old school Rock flair, Fusca Stella has you covered.