Hallow 14

Hallow 14 (Metalcore) - Fairfax, Virginia

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"Island of Masks" Single
Hallow 14 are an up and coming act that are looking to make their mark on the ever crowded Metalcore scene with their most recent single. et's take a listen and tell you what we think in our newest review. The track kicks off with some melodic riffs akin to Smugface/City Sleeps before blasting into a pretty intense breakdown to set up the first verse. The circle pit inducing instrumentation kicks into high gear and takes the energy up a few notches. The breakdown comes back out to play near the halfway mark as it sets up another verse that brings to mind Vanna and their tenacity. The ending of the track is just all out craziness. Clocking in at five minutes, the track is a lot to take in but here's a lot to like and we can't wait for more music from this promising act.

Hallow 14 are out for blood with their "Island of Masks" single.