Houses in the Sky

Houses in the Sky (Alternative Rock) - Pennsylvania

"Hostage" Single Review
The track starts with some upbeat, bouncy riffs while the melodic vocals pull in the listener with ease. There's a build to the soaring, amped up chorus and oh geez does the chorus explode into the stratosphere! The track hits its stride at the second verse as the effortless glide along the Alternative Rock path is complete and the chorus ramps up into an even higher level than previously. The culmination of the instrumentation and dynamic melodic vocals make the two minute mark as spectacular as it can get. The bridge features a dip down into a much more timid sound and pace. The eruption of the chorus cranks back in around the three minute mark and helps put a tight bow in the track as a closing.

Houses in the Sky look to captivate listeners near and far with their ultra catchy single.