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"My Song" Single Review
How This Ends hails from the music rich area of Lancaster, PA. Let's dive into their latest single and see how it fares in the Rock music landscape. The track kicks off with a nice groovy riff and instrumentation before the vocals kick in. Once the melodic vocals kick in, it brings to mind the 90's Alternative Rock soaring choruses that are ultra catchy to the ear. The guitar work before the second verse is phenomenal and adds a bit of depth with a little solo. The track churns along and keeps things going at a nice steady pace. Towards the end, the track rips into a higher gear and takes things to an even higher level. If you're a fan of Rock music, you need to do yourself a favor and check these guys out as soon as you can.

How This Ends hold their own and then some with their new rockin' single "My Song".