Impurities (Metal) - Reno, Nevada

Three-piece Metal band from Nevada.

Upcoming Shows:
12/11/18 - Holland Project - Reno, NV

"Wait, What?!?" EP Review
Impurities have been around for a few years now and continue to make their mark on the local Reno music scene. Their latest EP is out now so let's take a listen and see what they're cooking up. "Saloon Shootout" opens up the EP with an early Bring Me The Horizon ferocity. The track is heavy, technical and crushes everything in its path. "Turbo$mack" takes the intensity up even higher. The breakdowns are earth shattering and will appease the pit for sure. The track takes a turn halfway through and grooves a bit with some Deathcore type vocals courtesy of RJ Randall (Sadist). "Cold Shower" is an instrumental track that has some Jazz influences but mixes it with some awesome grooves and brings to mind the stylings of Candiria. "Pearl" gets back into the fray of the Metalcore world. The track has a feature of Willy Clay of Reshape, Reason and simply oozes melodic Metalcore masterpiece. Everything on the track is exciting, top notch and melodically exhilarating. "Kuzco" features Keola of Our Last Of Days and is a track that takes no prisoners. It's hard, heavy and unapologetic. If you need a wake up call, listen to this track! "Glass Bones" closes out the EP in epic fashion. Everything on the track is taken up to 11. The breakdowns are enormous, the melodic instrumentation midway through is on point and the vocals and as passionate as ever. Don't sleep on this EP if you're a fan of heavier music!

The new EP from Impurities creates a path of destruction in its wake.

"Quotes" EP Review
Impurities hail from Reno, Nevada. Reno has had a rich hardcore scene in the past few years but Impurities are here to show that Reno also has a bustling metal scene as well with their new EP. "Intro" opens up the EP with some atmospheric tones to help set the mood of the EP. "Grey" erupts with fury. The intensity of the track is on par with early Bring Me The Horizon. It has technical parts, breakdowns and everything a metalcore fan will love. "No Light, No Dark" continues the sonic assault as it brings a more Between The Buried And Me influence to the forefront. The track is relentless and keeps the EP going at full throttle."Silver Spoon" features some fantastic guitar work. The track has shades of a Whitechapel sound to it. The track is a circle pit starter for sure. It has a melodic bridge which features clean vocals for the first time on the EP. It adds a dimension on the EP that really shows the talent of the band. Once the final breakdown comes in, it comes in with force and absolutely blasts the doors off the track."Lost Feelings" is a melodic instrumental track that slows things down a bit before heading back into the fray. "The Cutthroat" is a slam dancers dream track as it has breakdowns galore in its sound. It goes straight for the jugular and should get the live crowd moving immediately. "Isolate" closes out the EP in epic fashion. The track is dynamic and is a must hear along with the rest of the EP.

Impurities showcases a sound that is relentless and awe inspiring in its heaviness. Say hello to the newest addition to your metal collection.

-Interview- (3/20/16)