In Somnia

In Somnia (Metal) - Austria

Hailing from the mountains, "In Somnia“ is a modern metal quartett, blending influences of all modern types of metal to create a unique, dark sound. While the lyrics are set in themes of traumata and philiosophical thoughts, the instrumentation is catchy while complex. With assistence of movie score composer Christoph Manucredo, the band managed to combine brachial violence with a certain dark atmosphere intercepted by the groove- and -core metal influences of Dominic Granegger on the drums and djent influences of Florian Bacher on the bass. The two virtuos guitar players Andreas Wibmer and Simon Andreas Brunner are shifting heartmelting leads to pure rawness, while the vocals are tackling from whispers, screams, growls to clear. Listening to their music you can hear and feel an honest soul strip, the average experience of 16 years on their instruments, the thirst for new and change and it will leave you in a critical mental condition. We are the art, we are rolling with the tauernwind! The other side of the coin: We found a way of self-cure in getting rid of all negativity in life by dropping it into our music. Most of the songs are based on true stories, true emotion and true pain. We are artists drawing pictures of our unique world into the air and into the hearts.

"Something Ends, Something Begins" Single Review
The track starts with piano driven tones before blasting in with a ferocious breakdown. The adrenaline is pumping through the track at an all time high as it barrels full speed ahead with its breakdowns, tenacity and guttural vocals. The soaring chorus quickly enters the fray and it brings with it an early Killswitch Engage/In Flames like clean sung vocals. The track then shifts back into the hard hitting Metalcore sound with its awesome riffs taking things over. There's a Slipknot like verse and breakdown around the three and a half minute mark. The track then switches up its chorus to bring a more aggressive nature to it. The last twenty seconds of the track is mainly a piano outro to end things up.

In Somnia set their sights on breaking through the Melodic Metal world with their newest single.