Inspired by Faith

Inspired by Faith (Christian Rock) - Michigan

Created January 11, 2021. Our journey has only just begun.As of now, we have 6 total members. Founder-lead composer/vocalist/musician: Mickenzi Merriweather. Composer/vocalist/Minister: Matthew Quinn.Back up vocalist: Raven Rose.Lead guitarist: Dave Morales.Bassist: SheilaB.Drummer: Steve (The Animal) McCannon Jr. Together, so far, we have made two great accomplishments. One being our first outing as a band at Christ Family Church in Brownstown, MI on March 26 2023. Second, we went to Mix Factory One Studio in Southfield on April 3 2023 and recorded our first single, I Belong to You. Our goal as a group is to prepare the way for the Kingdom of God and hitting the recording studio to get more of our music professionally out there and have fun doing it! Constantly preparing for anything the Lord may send our way.