Iron Bastards

Iron Bastards (Rock) - Strasbourg, France

A fast music by unstoppable rockers: In 3 years, Iron Bastards released two EPs, two albums ("Boogie woogie violence" in September 2015, "Fast & Dangerous" in December 2016 on FDA Records from Germany) and played more than 140 gigs in France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland and Italy with bands like Sodom, Overkill, Soulfly, Udo Dirkschneider, Phil Campbell, Peter Pan Speedrock, Le Bal des Enragés, Eddie & the hot rods.. The band also played in festival Hellfest Open Air, Neuborn Open Air, Rage Against Racism, Metal Frenzy...

Upcoming Shows:
5/5/18 - Le Farmer - Lyon, France
5/9/18 - L'elastic Bar - Strasbourg, France

"Fast & Dangerous" Album Review
Iron Bastards are a a French Rock and Roll band who intend to play their music as loud and fast as possible. They released this album back in 2016 but let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Fast & Dangerous" is the opening track and right away features that Motorhead influence in full swing. It's hard, fast and will get the blood flowing right from the jump. It has an appropriate title because that's exactly what it is. The guitar solo on the track is truly out of this world! "The Code Is Red" has a Southern Rock tinge to it but it doesn't overpower the track. The track will get heads banging along in no time. The bass even has some funk to it on the track. "Rock O' Clock" is a pure Rock track through and through. It's a high octane ride through the forest of Rock music and the listener is along for the ride. When the guitar takes over later in the track, it blows the roof off everything. It has to be heard to be believed. "The Princess & the Frog" has the sweet guitar riff that is so damn good and is the backbone of the track. The vocals are still top notch and will have people singing along because everything just works so well on the track. The guitar solo is stellar as always and keeps the track moving at a high clip. "Out Of Control" is the shortest track on the album and packs a ton of punch. It's so fast that it doesn't give the listener time to breathe and sometimes that's an incredible quality to have in a track. It truly is "out of control". "The Wise Man" takes the pace a couple notches down. It's still Hard Rock at its core but it has a tad more controlled chaos to it. The track is a testament to the band that when they want to slow things down, they can and the outcomes is a high quality Rock track. "Born on the Wrong Side" picks up the energy quite a bit and unleashes hell by way of the signature fast and heavy Iron Bastards sound. The track has a ton of depth to it and it's a standout track for sure because of it. "Sarcasm" doesn't pull any punches. It's straight in your face Rock and Roll and you'll be damned if you don't like it. The track is still just as intense as earlier tracks. "Ballbreaker Number One" is a short track that will get circle pits at the live show if played. It's such a high energy track that the listener will have no choice but to get into its infectious riffs and grooves. "The Snake In The Sky" is a rollercoaster of a Rock track. It knows when to go full throttle and when to hold back and because of this, it makes it a very unique track that will surely be enjoyed by quite a lot of people of Rock music. "Vintage Riders" is the closing track and is pure Iron Bastards through and through. The track perfectly represents Iron Bastards and makes a killer ender of a track that'll have listeners yearning for more and more.

Iron Bastards bring that old school Rock fury with their "Fast & Dangerous" full length album.

-Interview- (8/3/17)
1. How did you get started with music and how did you develop your sound? Who thought of the name “Iron Bastards” and is there any meaning behind it?

Iron Bastards is a three piece Rock band from Strasbourg, France. The band have been existed since 2013, but before we used to play together in a Motörhead coverband. The Bastards are Anthony Meyer on drums, David Semler on the guitar and myself David Bour on bass and vocals. We are mainly influenced by 70's Hard Rock but also by 60 years of rock'n'roll, from the roots to modern stuffs. We play our music fast, hard and loud. Since January 2014, we played 150 gigs in 6 countries, released two albums (« Boogie woogie violence » and the new one « Fast & Dangerous) and shared the stage with bands like Overkill, Phil Campbell and the Bastards sons, Sodom, Soulfly, Eddie & the hot rods, UDO, Rage... We also played at festivals like Hellfest Open Air, Rage against Racism, Neuborn Open Air...

The name IRON BASTARDS comes from our friendship and our attitude : we're three guys joined up to play rock'n'roll with no compromise or focus on the future. See us live and meet us, you will understand.

2. What do you want people to take away from your "Fast & Dangerous" album?

If you're looking for 11 tracks of fast and dirty music, not looking for something « new » but something good and well done, you need to listen to that album. We're playing vintage Rock on the modern way, with a good sound, the lessons learned from our influences and the feeling we've got together.

3. What can people expect from your live show?

People can expect for energy, headbanging, fun, smiles and barrels of sweat. Our music is made to explode in concert. That’s the reason why we tried and are still trying to play as much as we can! Give us the stage, we’ll know what to do.

4. What's your favorite track to play live?

I like to play many of them but I'd like to play “The snake in the sky”, for the 60's part in the middle of the song.

5. Who are three bands you’d like to tour with?

Two years ago that would have been Motörhead, of course, but unfortunately this will never happen. So I would say AC/DC as number one and The Vintage Caravan and Death Alley for the new bands with a sound we like.

6. Any crazy show stories?

I would have many stories to tell, but one of the coolest was in June 2017 when we opened for Phil Campbell from Motörhead. I spent a few hours to talk with Arnie, Motörhead's sound engineer for 11 years. It was funny to talk with him as two fans, even if one of them is just a frenchy fan and the other their sound engineer for years. And you can't imagine how our sound engineer was happy and proud to mix us in front of him!

7. What’s your take on the current state of Rock?

A lot of bands, many different kind of music from Rock to Metal, but not rock'n'roll enough. In the music and in the attitude. Our musical scene is a mirror of the entire society, and I see bands who exist because of social networks without any fanbase and die a few years (sometimes months) later. This new wave changes the rules and you've got to play with some of them. But « only the strong survives ». I love Rock'n'roll as a musical style as well as a way of life.

8. What’s the current music scene like there in France both locally and country wide?

I love my country, but definitely not because of my experience as a musician. We've got many good bands but not the good stages to make them play, not the structures (label, booker, etc...) to make them growing up and no help from the mainstream media. But some things also come from the attitude and the way some people see musician and rock bands. Nobody ask me if I've got a job beside my music career in Germany, if you see what I mean.

9. What’s your take on legal/illegal music downloading?

As a young band, it's a good way to promote our music. It's a lack of money at the moment, but it helps a lot the band to grow up. Today, people buy stuffs directly to the band at their concert or with the Internet. They've got so many bands to listen to that they can't buy all stuffs and need to choose. So if you want to sell a lot, you need to be better, lucky or mainstream.

10. What’s next for Iron Bastards?

In September we're gonna move in England for 3 months. The idea is to spread our music and promote the band all around the UK for 3 months and then we'll see. I think the kind of music we play is gonna be loved by English people. Then next year we're gonna work on the 3rd album.

11. Any shoutouts?

Thanks to all the people from everywhere who support us. It's such a pleasure and a good surprise to receive messages from Mexico, Brazil, China, Greece, Sweden, etc... when you're a young rock band from France. That’s why we want to do more and stay focus or our way : Live fast, rock hard !