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"Self X" Album Review
Poland's JitterFlow brings something unique to the table. Let's dig in and tell you why they guys deserve your attention. The opener "Innerv" has a sharp edge to it that has elements of Spazcore to it ala The Locust. The breakdowns and craziness will surely induce mosh pits for quite sometime. The next track "?lf" has shades of Converge in its opening. The track takes off from the get go and goes full speed ahead with an audio onslaught for a two minute span. "Self_exorcism" is the longest track on the album, clocking in at four minutes. It packs quite the punch in that duration. There are System Of A Down influences in the track as it goes every which way with melody, riffs and chaos. "Planet Eyes" has a more Metal tinge to it. The high energy and driving riffs keep things heavy and interesting throughout. "Sci-Fi" brings back the carnage sound of the opening track. It's fast, heavy and chaotic. "U.F.D (User Friendly Demons)" has a Thrash Metal feel to it as it explodes with riffs. When the track gets its footing, it churns up memories of Dog Fashion Disco. "Dimensions" is the shortest track on the album. They create a contrast in vocal styles on the track which is an acquired taste but the instrumentation is all shred. The closer "U.F.D In Distorted Mirror" is an electronic track that has dark shades ala Aphex Twin. The track really sets itself apart and just goes to show that the band can really create a highly unique sound overall that encompasses quite a variety of heavy music.

JitterFlow brings their unique sound to the masses to take hold and never let go.