Kraill (Hard Rock) - Perth, Australia

Kraill are a hard rock band based in Perth, Western Australia. Their sound is described as a mixture of Garbage and Silverchair.

Formed in July 2013 Kraill consists of Britt Hadlow on Vocals, Jeremy Young on Guitar, Pedro Cono on Bass and Marc Lennon on Drum. By December 2013, Kraill had started gigging together. In December 2014, Kraill played at the Scorcher Festival.

In July 2015, an EP called ‘More Than You Know’ at the Civic Hotel. In September and October 2015, Kraill played for Battle of the Bands. They achieved making into the finals of the competition, however they did not win. In December 2015, Kraill played at Scorcher Fest. February 2016 Kraill flew to Sydney to play at UberFest’s Summer Tour. In April 2016 saw Kraill open for Kimura and headline a mental health gig called Mosh For Mental Health.

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"More Than What You Know" EP Review:
While Australia may have received recognition lately for its metalcore and pop punk scene, there's a more traditional rock heartbeat within the country that will never stop beating. A band that wants to continue the tradition while making their own path in the rock scene is Kraill. "Kid." starts their debut EP off with a very melancholy grunge sound. The track oozes a grunge vibe as the female vocals clash with the male vocals to mesh perfectly with the excellent instrumentation. "Broken Fairytale" is an upbeat track that really kicks the tempo up a notch. The crunchy guitars mixed with the high energy really makes the track shine throughout. The guitar solo is phenomenal on the track as well. "Your Girlfriend's A Bitch" is a radio friendly track that should be a single. This track is something special. There's a ton of layers within its four minute span and should be hear right away. "Anti Man" closes things up with a track that seems to rely on the opening track on the EP for inspiration. The track wraps things up with a nice bow on top for the EP. The female lead vocals and overall production throughout the EP are top notch.

Kraill's debut EP is a rarity. Not many other debut EP's have come in and kick in the doors of the scene. The only drawback on the EP is that it's only four songs. We can't wait to hear more music from this exciting rock band from Perth. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on Kraill - your next favorite rock band.

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