Leaving Passenger

Leaving Passenger (Alternative Rock) - Paris, France

Leaving Passenger is an Alternative Rock band from Paris created in 2014.

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"When It's Done" EP Review
Leaving Passenger are an Alternative Rock band from Paris, France which draw influences from acts such as Hoobastank, Lincubis, Linkin Park and more. Their most recent "When It's Done" EP was released back last year so let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Scream" opens up the EP with a crunchy Rock sound. There's some Breaking Benjamin vibes going on with the track as it veers into the Hard territory but still has high melodic sections including the soaring chorus. "Running Back To Me" keeps the highly infectious riffs and choruses coming in droves. The likability of the track is incredibly high and should be on the Rock radio right now. "I Don't Care" is a bit more subdued. The track relies on tone and atmosphere to create a dark, brooding sound that slowly builds before erupting into a wall of Rock sound. It's such an awesome track with tons of depth. "Better Place" features a storm like opening to help build the soft vibe. The track is a Rock ballad and will surely get some lighters in the air. It picks up the pace and heaviness later in the track but the track overall is filled to the brim with passion and emotion. "Lies On The Floor" will be seeing a music video released soon. Until then the track itself is a Rock fans delight. The track features a ton of range as it twists and turns with an up and down pace mixed with their incredible knack for melody. It's five and a half minutes of sheer brilliance. We can't wait to see the music video! The seven minute track "When It's Done" closes out the EP. The track summarizes the Leaving Passenger sound up perfectly. It's a track (and EP overall) that should not be missed.

Leaving Passenger's EP will have you reaching for the repeat button "When It's Done".