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"No Remorse" Single Review
Let The Wolves Speak are a Metal band from Wisconsin who just last year released this single aiming to get more attention in the Metal world. If this single is any indication, they have the goods to make their mark for sure. Let's dive in and see what they're all about. The track right away goes straight for the jugular with a massive breakdown and guttural vocals. There's some gang vocals that come in that break up the track but then it immediately drifts back into another ground moving breakdown. The track takes a more instrumental turn as it leads the listener on a trek through the Metal wilderness. Once the guitar solo comes in, it already has its teeth sunk in. The end of the track is something to behold as it goes off the rails and helps make the track shine even brighter. If you're a fan of Metal, Metalcore or Deathcore, you need to listen to this NOW!

Let The Wolves Speak's "No Remorse" single totally obliterates everything in its path.