Low-Key Awesome

Low-Key Awesome (Rock) - Florida

Low-Key Awesome is an American rock band based out of Tampa, FL. Members include singer/guitarist Daniel Cannon, bassist Bobbi McElroy, and drummer Russell Lowrey. Influenced by the sounds of bands such as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Sublime, they create a unique sound that is all their own; a mix of hard rock, reggae and spacial psychedelic music. Singer/songwriter Daniel Cannon is from Seattle, WA and from a young age has been writing his own music. To date he has written and performed well over 50 songs. Daniel is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and owns his own BJJ school in the Tampa area. Bassist Bobbi has played in a number of bands before joining Low-Key, most notably in the band StoneGrey. A talented multi-instrumentalist that can play just about anything with strings on it, Bobbi holds down the groove and provides the low end that has been known to make the walls shake. Russell the drummer, is an aircraft mechanic by day and is the pulse of the band by night. Together, they have joined forces to bring you Low-Key Awesome; a fresh, yet nostalgic sounding band that wants nothing more than to rock your socks off and have a good time. Keep an eye out for their upcoming record coming out later this year, and be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on all their upcoming show dates and support them on their journey to bring rock back to the mainstream.

-Interview- (7/24/22)