Lucifungus (Stoner/Doom Metal) - Australia

Formed mid 2018 by DD and B-Rad, who are 2 members of Australia’s favourite, long term Doom band – Pod People. We thought we would experiment and see if we could create a full band sound with only 2 members and Lucifungus is what we came up with. Being older guys, we know it becomes hard for a 5 piece band to commit to regular band practice and tours etc, due to having kids and jobs and lives. Being in a 2 piece has made organising things soooo much easier. One person calls the other and it all gets sorted pretty quickly. Within months of forming, we had played shows with Church of Misery from Japan and Voivod from Canada and had booked recording time at the infamous GoatSound studio in Melbourne.We both have the common goal of touring Europe and the States and are providing all of our music for free to try and grow our fan base without money being an issue.