Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark (Metalcore) - Missouri

Make Your Mark is a six piece metal band from St. Louis with a passion for music and accessibility. With a diverse range of personal and musical backgrounds, the band pulls inspiration from melodic death metal to metalcore to nu-metal to create unique music that can be enjoyed by both deaf and hearing fans alike! MYM focuses on melodic guitar riffs, heavy breakdowns, and powerful lyrics. Each of their sets promise full ASL accessibility for each person to experience an energetic and intense message that you won’t forget!

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"Gasoline" Single Review
The track starts with a huge breakdown to open things up on a heavy note. The aggressive vocals drive the first verse forward as the instrumentation gets heavier up until the chorus. The breakdown and chorus up the ante on the heaviness scale and will get people screaming along in no time. There's a touch of Nu Metal to the track with its vocals later on and riffs. The bridge dips down into a more somber, melodic tone with some harsh vocals in the background before exploding back up with a chaotic breakdown to end things on a bonkers note.

Make Your Mark up the ante on their Metalcore sound with their newest single.

"Vices" Single Review
The track starts off with an ambient build for the first fifty seconds before a wall of Metalcore sound smashes through. The heaviness is at an all time high as it drives ahead with aggression. There's a breakdown around the halfway mark that conjures up early Parkway Drive memories. The second verse glides along right before it hits a final massive breakdown to close things out.

Make Your Mark's newest single obliterates everything in its path.