Mara's Shadow

Mara's Shadow (Metal) - Alaska

"The Manuscript" EP Review
The opener "Fallacy" brings chaos from the first second onward. The aggression and melodies are on point throughout and will induce some serious circle pits in a live setting. The vocals at times bring with it an early Bring Me The Horizon screaming. The clean sung vocals, riffs and breakdowns have an early As I Lay Dying feel to them. As an opener, it hits super heavy and sets a high bar for the rest of the EP. "Gaslighter" cranks the intensity to 11 with its headbanging approach and delivery. The driving breakneck pace is on full display as the harsh and clean vocals go hand in hand in creating a whirlwind of Metal action. "Burden of Trust" has that old school Metal instrumentation that sets the solid foundation of pure bliss for Metal fans. The track is more melodic and guitar solo heavy than the previous tracks. "What Could've Been" kicks back into the Metalcore side of things. The track is a runaway freight train of melody, carnage and high Metal confidence. The closer "Mara's Shadow" is truly epic and features layers upon layers of depth. As a closer, it goes all out and showcases the true talents of the band perfectly as the soundscapes are diverse and fantastic.

Mara's Shadow looks to ignite the Metal scene with their explosive EP.