Marquee Grand

Marquee Grand (Rock) - Buffalo, New York

Upcoming Shows:
4/20/18 - Milkie's on Elmwood - Buffalo, NY

"Kingmaker" EP Review
Marquee Grand are a band from Buffalo, NY who over the summer, had an explosive single by the form of "Let It Ride". They're back with their new five track "Kingmaker" EP. Let's get started and see what their new material has to offer. "Of Troy" opens up with a little diddy of a guitar riff. The vocals go perfectly with the riff and brings to mind early Panic At The Disco before breaking into a more Foo Fighters Rock sound. It's a very rockin' track and really helps sets the EP off right. "Little Fight" has Alternative Rock written all over it. Some of the riffs are extremely dirty and really add flair to the easily accessible rock radio track. It's guaranteed that you'll be singing along near the ending of the track. "Hold On" is an absolute stunner. The tone is a bit more subdued but it's powerful in all of the right places. The track will have lighters out at the live show. The ballad like sound is top notch and sure to be a fan favorite. "Howl" picks the pace back up. The track has a more Southern draw to it as it breezes through the gauntlet of Alternative Rock but with a twist. The guitars are on full display here as they just simply shred and transcend the track to new heights. "Close Again" continues where "Howl" left off. The track has more of a 90's Rock sound to it akin to Everclear. It's an upbeat closing track that pulls out all the stops. Five tracks aren't nearly enough from this extremely talented Rock band.

Marquee Grand's new EP sets them up to be an even bigger presence in the Alternative Rock world.

"Let It Ride" Single Review
Marquee Grand are an upstart Rock band from Buffalo, NY looking to make their mark on the industry with their form of Alternative Rock. Let's dive in and see what their most recent single is all about. The track kicks off with a nice little tempo that would bring to mind Death Cab For Cutie. It sinks its teeth right in and chimes along with melody before erupting into the uplifting chorus. The guitar work is excellent on the track and helps build the foundation. The second verse keeps the track grooving along like a cool breeze. The chorus brings to mind early Weezer and is silky smooth. Once the track ends soon after, you'll be reaching for the repeat button right away. We can't wait to hear more from these guys!

Welcome to your next favorite Alternative Rock band.