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"A Schizophrenics Memoir” Album Review
The debut full length album from Maryland Metal upstarts MidVale is finally here. Let's dive on in and see what it's all about. The opening track "1324" is an intro track that features a rampage type sound for a minute before blasting into the next track. "Lucid" begins with adrenaline inducing riff before erupting with chugging riffs that help set things off right. The vocals kick in with melodic undertones along with a tad of harshness. There's a modern day Slipknot vibe to the track as it barrels full speed ahead into crunchy Melodic Metal territory. The carnage the track lays down later in the track is breathtaking. From the out of this world guitar solo to the sing along melodic outro, everything is done with laser focus and high production. "A Year Without Light" opens up with some Korn chuggery before having Corey Taylor-esque vocals. The chorus comes in quick with some clean singing but has that Korn type of clean chorus. The track has a funky little jazz type of part which helps veer it into a crushing breakdown. The breakdown mixed with the excellent guitar solo really take the track up a few notches. Once the chorus kicks back in to close out the song, it's guaranteed that the listener will be hitting that repeat button. There's so much to the track that you'll want to listen multiple times. "Pen To Paper" has a different feel to it. There's a Nu Metal vibe to it but it never sways too far into it. It's melodic, heavy and will surely start a few mosh pits. "Winter" is much more melodic than the previous tracks. There's a Bullet For My Valentine ballad feel to the track. It's a different side of the band and it works quite well. "Borrowed Time" features Wordslave and right off the bat the listener is in for a real treat. The crunchy guitars mixed with the hip hop opening verse brings a natural sound to the diverse track. Overall, it's melodic but still has some bite to it. "Sorrows" blasts right back in with that signature MidVale Metal sound. The track is fast, destructive and keeps things at a high clip during its four a half minute span. "Apollo" is an instrumental interlude track to help set up the epic closer. The track spans nearly two minutes and builds that ambient atmosphere. The closing track "Battered and Scarred" is nine and a half minutes long. The track takes the listener on a journey of what MidVale is all about and what they bring to the table. The instrumentation is tight, the vocals (while not kicking in until the minute and a half mark) are as fierce as ever, it's the range of the track that should be admired. The melody, breakdowns and tone is something that Metal fans will get a kick out of.

MidVale unleash a level of devastation that Metal fans will greatly enjoy.

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