Minority 905

Minority 905 (Pop Punk) - Mississauga, Canada

Minority 905 is a pop-punk band founded by then-17-year-old John Aquino and former members of the band in August 2013. The name was inspired by Green Day's song "Minority" and Aquino's hometown of Mississauga, ON, Canada (its area code is 905). Aquino identified with the word "Minority" since he believed that the combination of his ethnicity, personality, and interests were rare in the punk rock scene. Aquino met former member Aidan Collins on YouTube, after Collins saw a few of Aquino's covers and contacted him. However, he did not join the band until early 2014 when the band needed a bassist. Collins joined and became the new bassist.

Throughout the next few months, Minority 905 played as much as they could, wherever possible--birthday parties, house parties, local bars, and local venues. Eventually, they were noticed by local producer, Mason Dayot at a show they played in Brampton--which was also the last show the former drummer played. Without an official drummer, Minority 905 went on to record their debut EP titled "Luck Is For Losers" with Dayot, who played the drums for the record.

Soon after the record released, current drummer Spasimir Vasilev joined Minority 905. Vasilev met the members at a previous show where he volunteered to sing "Blitzkrieg Bop" (The Ramones) with Minority 905. Once again, the band played many local shows and even opened for the bands Such Gold and Transit. In December 2014, they went on a weekend mini-tour with local bands "Setback" and "Triumph Over Adversity".

In 2015, the lead guitarist left the band and Collins opted to start playing lead guitar instead of the bass. Current bassist Steven Wolwyn joined soon afterwards. The band closely worked with Dayot throughout the songwriting process during the early months of 2015 in preparation for the next record, which would be their first full-length album.

In July 2015, Collins left the band due to his family moving out of the city, and Dayot then decided he was going to take over guitar duties; as well as continue to be the main man to produce Minority 905's album "Broken, Not Beaten". In March 2016, Mason left the band to pursue teaching English in Japan, and current guitarist, Chris Goodfellow joined the band in July 2016.

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"Dangerous Ambitions" Album Review
Minority 905 have made quite the name for themselves within the Canadian Pop Punk scene with hard work, tons of shows and a sound that's hard to ignore. Their recent album was released a few months ago so let's go back and see what they offer up. The opening track "Don't Panic" is a nice little catchy tune. It has 90's Alternative Rock vibes as it glides along with ultra catchy riffs and melodies that'll catch the listeners ear with ease. "Catching Fire" is another upbeat number. The driving guitars and high energy make this quite the track to jam out to. The title track "Dangerous Ambitions" features soaring vocals and a more Pop Punk flavor. "Relapse" slows things down a bit. The Rock vibes are strong when it picks up during the chorus. "Picture Perfect" gets the energy back up and doesn't hold anything back. The track is straight fire and should be a single in no time. "Smoke and Mirrors" takes the pace back down for a bit. The track does crank itself up just like "Relapse" but it feels familiar. "27 Club" is perfect for Rock radio as it has an infectious sound that'll pull in listeners. "Soundtrack" has a modern Blink 182 sound. It's catchy and will certainly appease fans that lean more for Alternative Rock than Pop Punk. "Lucky Ones" is an acoustic track that wears its heart on its sleeve. The passion pours out of the track effortlessly and really showcases the heart of the band. "Run This Town" conjures up that Pop Punk flair. The track is pure energy and really sets its sights on showcasing the more Pop Punk side of the band. It's such a fantastic track! "What If" keeps the Pop Punk style coming. The track still has that bite to it even though it's later in the album. The closing track "Future" puts a nice tight bow on the album. The track has enough Pop Punk in it to please Pop Punk fans around the world. The album is twelve songs long but features enough catchy music throughout to keep things interesting.

Minority 905 are ready for the Pop Punk spotlight with their newest album.