Moment To Capitalize

Moment To Capitalize (Pop Punk) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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11/27/19 - Creep Records - Philadelphia, PA

"Instead" Single Review
Philly's Moment To Capitalize recently released their new single "Instead". Let's dive on in and see what it's all about. The track kicks off with a buildup with riffs and vocals before going steady with the first verse. The chorus is upbeat, bouncy and brings to mind the early days of Pop Punk. The second verse drives things up a bit with more crunch and bounce ala New Found Glory's "Singled Out". There's a bit of aggression later on the track by way of harsh screaming and a tad of breakdowns. It's a solid single and we can't wait to hear more.

Moment To Capitalize keep churning out the Pop Punk goods.

"Upstate" Single Review
Moment To Capitalize from Philly bring their blend of Emo and Pop Punk to the forefront with their newest single "Upstate". Let's take a listen and see what they're all about. The track opens with some slower Emo vibes before cranking up during the chorus. There's an early Thursday sound on the track as the melodies and heaviness entwine in a way that'll pull the listener in with ease. The guitar solo later on is a nice touch and builds some depth. Near the end of the track, the sound gets even more profound and takes things up a few notches. The track is five minutes of red hot potential.

Moment To Capitalize shine bright with the new "Upstate" single.