NepCali (Rock) - California

Currently based in Los Angeles, NepCali is an International Rock Band. With members based out of Kathmandu, Nepal; Southern California and Mexico. Musically, they create a unique sound from using multiple languages and dynamic tone. Band describes their music as “Touch of Himalayas mixed with the waves of Pacific Ocean”.

An underground following has emerged for the band within Southern California, Asia and Europe. NepCali released their Debut Album on April 1st, 2021 and currently they are working on their second EP. They are very well known for their dynamic sound and energetic performances. Vocalist (Arpan Karki), Guitarist (Sunny Shrestha), Drummer (Scott Collins) and Bassist (Joshua buckley). Nepcali was founded in 2015 by vocalist Arpan Karki and Sushant Amatya in Long Beach, CA. Both arrived to the United States as immigrants to pursue their career in education. However, upon meeting each other in 2015, they decided their fate was in something else. They formed Nepcali, and began the growth. The band has been affected by many lineup changes, even recently. Founding member Sushant Amatya had returned home to Nepal in the start of March, 2020 and has been unable to return to the United States. This led to Nepcali to change few of their band members.

"Warrior" Single Review
The track starts with a whirlwind guitar riff before bursting at the seams with a high octane crunch to get the first verse into high gear. The melodic Hard Rock vocals drive the verse forward as the guitars start to take the pace up a few notches. The fist pumping and chanting along chorus is easy to get into and sing along to. The second verse adds a Nu Metal flow to the vocals before the bridge unleashes a wave of aggression. The live show will surely have the circle pits flowing with ease on the bridge. The breakdown that follows and closes things out is pretty crunchy and has an added guitar solo for great depth.

NepCali unleash their powerful new single for all to hear.