Nightmare Canvas

Nightmare Canvas (Thrash Metal) - Odessa, Texas

Nightmare Canvas was started in late 2012, in the bowels of west Texas, with a few lineup changes the band consistently strives to perform for the people and bring a unique sound to the death/thrash metal community.

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"Nightmare Canvas" Album Review
Nightmare Canvas recently released their full length album and if you're a fan of harder Metal, you'll need this in your life. Let's dive in and tell you why in our newest review. The opener "Once Was" builds some ambiance with some symphonic tones off the bat which eventually gives way to some extreme Metal riffs and vocals. The intensity is off the charts as the breakdowns and harsh vocals keep coming at a frantic clip. The guitar solo later in the track is absolutely mind blowing. "Caged" opens with an instrumentation whirlwind. The track has a tad of melody but in no way does that make it soft, it's still hard as nails and will induce some heavy head banging. "Infinity" churns up the Metal goodness even further. The track is like a runaway freight train and doesn't slow down for anything during its short two and a half minute span. "Better Off Pt. 1" shows off a different side of the band. The melodic Metal sound is on full display here and it works incredibly well! "Better Off Pt. 2" is just a polar opposite to the previous track as it goes off the rails full speed with a ore Thrash Metal sound. "Blowback" keeps the fierce riffs and breakdowns coming as the Lamb Of God influence is prevalent on the track. It'll get your adrenaline flowing in no time. "Sanctity" dips things down a more melodic feel in the beginning but then rips things wide open with a more high octane Metal sound. "Fuck It All" is filled with breakdowns and riffs that are unapologetic. There's a traditional Metalcore sound to the track and will surely get the live crowd moshing without hesitation. "Tortured Souls" has some excellent layers. The track has enough depth that it showcases every instrument perfectly in its schizophrenic delivery. "Requiem Within A Lie" is bold and confident. The track is extreme Metal at its best. Try your hardest not to head bang and jam along to the heavy awesomeness. The single "Demon Inside" closes out the album. The track kicks off with a subdued Metal intro before blasting straight into straight shredding and chaotic circle pit inducing riffing. There's an early Black Dahlia Murder/early Lamb Of God vibe to the track as it pushes forward full speed ahead. The breakdowns are pretty intricate and earth shattering. The guitar work on the track is brilliant (see guitar solo later in the track. The drums keep up and sometimes even push the envelope with daring the rest of the instrumentation to keep up with it. The track closes out with a brutal breakdown which will help entice the listener to reach for the repeat button. The track is five and a half minutes of pure Thrash Metal gold.

Nightmare Canvas burst through the barriers of Thrash Metal with their new full length album.