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No Coincidence (Alternative/Pop Punk) - Long Island, New York

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"Wish You Were Here" EP Review
No Coincidence released this highly buzzed about five track EP over the summer so let's dive on in and see what they bring to the Pop Punk table. The opening track "Home" erupts right away with a nice Pop Punk breakdown to help get things going. The energy stays at a high clip as the track breezes by effortlessly as it brings their infectious Pop Punk influences to the forefront. "More To Give" takes things up a notch. The catchiness and Punk intensity is off the charts. It's an incredible track and will become a fan favorite in no time. "Postcards" was the first single off the EP and proves why with its ultra catchy sound. The track brings to mind early Weezer as it treads the line between Alternative Rock and Punk. "Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, or Else It'll Be Hard For You To Swallow" has a bit of a different sound to it. The track is more funky and groove heavy than the previous tracks. The Rock sound is at the forefront and really shows off the depth that the band have. The track "Have A Day" closes out the EP in passionate, emotional fashion. The ballad like tendencies make this a track that'll pull at heartstrings while making a lasting impact for all listeners. No Coincidence brings quite a bit to the Pop Punk table that will make you yearn for more and more from them.

No Coincidence's new EP proves that they have a knack for creating highly catchy Alternative/Pop Punk.

-Interview- (1/12/18)