Nothin Left

Nothin Left (Christian Punk/Rock) - Wapakoneta, Ohio

We are a Christian band with a Punk/Rock sound. We also love to do worship. We enjoy playing for large or small groups.

Upcoming Shows:
5/5/18 - Bethel Church of Christ - Ada, OH

"Worlds Collide" Single Review
Female fronted Christian Rock/Punk band Nothin Left are back with their newest single "Worlds Collide". Let's take a listen and see how it fares. The track immediately has a nice riff and bounce to it. The vocals mix with the instrumentation perfectly. The Pop Punk sound mixed with Alternative Rock is on full display here. The chorus kicks in and takes things to a whole new level. The emotion behind the vocals is outstanding. The bridge dips down to an even more melodic level until eventually bursting at the seams with its top notch chorus. Nothin Left are for real and any Rock/Punk fan would be in for a real treat with their new single.

Nothin Left have fine tuned their sound and created a monster of a single.

"Shades Of Red" Album Review
Nothin Left are Christian band from Ohio who mesh together Punk and Rock into their own unique sound that helps set them apart from others in the scene. Their brand new album "Shades Of Red" is hot off the presses so let's dive in and see what they're all about. "Heartbreak" opens up the album in upbeat style. There's a driving force behind the track that includes melodic riffs and slight Punky vocals that set the bar high for an opening track. It's a great way to kick things off. "Tell Me Where To Go" kicks things up a notch in the energy department. It's a killer Rock track that gets the adrenaline pumping right away and doesn't stop. There's riffs for days and if you're a fan of Rock music, you need to check out this track right now. The guitar solo on the track adds even more depth to the already kick ass track. "More Than Enough" slows things down a bit and veers into more of a ballad type track. There's a continuous build to the track before it eventually erupts and really sets things off. The track helps show off the range that the band has to offer. "Fight Song" is a more Punk orientated track than the previous tracks. It's fast, heavy and in your face in all the right ways. It's a track that keeps things fresh and will have you singing along in no time. "Shades Of Red" has a 90's Alternative Rock feel to it as it send the listener on an emotional roller coaster. The track has a passion and fire to it to make it a stand out track. "Weeping Willow" has tremendous depth with its addition of strings and solid Rock sound. The track has a slight Evanescence vibe to it and should be a hit with fans right away. "Party Song" is an upbeat jaunt through the woods of Pop Punk. It brings shades of Paramore/Tonight Alive with its as it keeps things on a high note with its catchy as hell sound. "Summertime" is probably one of the harder tracks on the album and definitely showcases the Hard Rock sound of the band. It's a track that doesn't mess around. "Into The Darkness" is an awesome Rock track that pulls the listener along with highly infectious riffs and vocals. It's a single in the making. "The Well" has a modern Blink 182 vibe to it as it bobs and weaves in Punk and Rock genres effortlessly. It's got the goods to get stuck in your ears for days on end. "Story Begins" closes out the album in crunchy Punk/Rock fashion. The track along with the rest of the album show a diverse sound with the band that helps them have that unique sound that sets them apart. Check out Nothin Left right now and you won't be disappointed!

Nothin Left have an album here that looks to set the Christian Punk/Rock world on fire.