Nova Lantern

Nova Lantern (Rock) - Brooklyn, New York

Starting in 2012, Dan Douglas (lead vocals/bass) and Sean Kerrigan (guitar), longtime friends and collaborators, began pursuing a new project following the breakup of their earlier bands. They co-wrote a number of original songs while completing the band’s lineup. In time, all of the pieces fell into place. Josh Salant, a talented multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, joined the fold on drums and backing vocals. Dan, usually a supporting vocalist, honed his skills to become the band's lead singer and lyricist. Lured in by the sounds in the basement, Josh's brother Sean added his immense talent to the mix, filling the remaining spot on lead guitar. These four musicians combine years of experience in the Brooklyn rock scene to bring you - Nova Lantern!

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"American Vertigo" EP Review
Nova Lantern from Brooklyn, NY are an upstart Rock band who's looking to make their mark in the competitive Rock world with their newest "American Vertigo" EP. Let's dive in and see what they offer up. "Iggy" kicks things off with a nice buildup as the introduction before bursting at the seams with some nice upbeat Rock sound. The chorus takes things to an even higher level. The bass is showcased wonderfully later in the track as the instrumentation takes the forefront in a furious rage before giving way to the chorus to end things out. It's an awesome way to start off the EP. "Not A Death March" is toe tapping good time. The instrumentation are the star of the track as the twists and turns keep things interesting throughout. The guitar solos are simply remarkable! "Periscope" slows the pace down a bit. The track shines with incredible melodies and guitar work. It'll get you singing along in no time. "In Your Clutch" is a crunchy good time which features a bit of a Southern Rock draw. The track works wonders are it picks up the energy and has a great accessibility to it. The closing track "Fake It Better" pulls in the listener right away with its catchy riffs and melodic tendencies. The track is highly explosive and just like all the other tracks on the EP, should garner solid radio play in no time. The potential of these guys are off the charts. If you're a fan of Rock music, you need this EP in your collection right now.

From beginning to end, you shouldn't miss this newest release from Nova Lantern.