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"This Story Needs An End" EP Review
Pop Punk has seen a resurgence over the past few years and over this past summer, Oakrest has thrown their hat in the ring with their "This Story Needs An End" EP. Let's dive into it and see if they have what it takes to stand out in the fiery genre. The EP kicks off with the title track "This Story Needs An End". The track kicks off with a diddy of a guitar riff before cranking up the intensity. The track has some bite to it as it features a good bit of bounce and tremendous energy that the Pop Punk genre is known for. "False Intentions" has since written all over it. Everything about the track works perfectly. From the top notch guitar work, crunchy bass riffs, thundering drums and energetic whirlwind vocals, this track is a beast. "I Dont Know" is an acoustic track that slows things down a bit. It's a passionate track that really pulls at the heartstrings of the listener. "My Mistake" brings the pace back up and it ends the EP out on a high note. There's a slight Blink 182 influence on the track as it breezes gracefully along with infectious melodies, Punk tendencies and overall Pop Punk goodness.

Oakrest have a brilliant Pop Punk release on their hands with their new "This Story Needs An End" EP.

-Interview- (12/2/17)