Of II Stones

Of II Stones (Metal) - Ohio

Band from Central Ohio, playing a unique blend of metal, comprised of numerous and varied influences that combine for an original sound and style.

"G.E.D." Single Rveiw
The track opens with an onslaught of metallic riffs that get the chaotic levels at an all time high. The aggressive vocals keep pace with the instrumentation as it drives full speed ahead. There's a melodic instrumental break a little after the one minute mark so the listener can gather their breath. That section is calm before the storm though as the pacing picks up and carnage ensues. The guitar work around the two and a half minute mark takes center stage and unleashes an oustanding solo. The System of a Down vibes follow up the solo to create some depth. The ending sees the track go bonkers and really let loose to close out on a high note.

Of II Stones solidify their place amongst promising up and comers in the Metal genre with their newest single.

"Mental Prison Cell" Single Review
The track begins with steady crunchy instrumentation as it sets a heavier tone from the get go. The aggressive vocals join in and bring with it a passionate intensity. The instrumentation takes over again in the forefront right before the pacing switches gears to a more faster paced, Metallica like delivery. An excellent guitar solo follows that up and the track continues down the first verse path. Another guitar solo takes over until the chorus comes back in. The chorus transitions into another extreme guitar solo that helps builds chaos to close things out.

Of II Stones takes a sledgehammer to the Metal scene with their newest single.