Of Saints & Scoundrels

Of Saints & Scoundrels (Alternative Rock) - Indiana

"Chronicles" Album Review
The opener "Ace" is five minute of an introduction to the band. The track takes its time and build a nice foundation and has shades of Blues Traveler to it. The methodical approach pays off as it showcases the talents of the band perfectly for an opening track. "Big Big City" continues with the upbeat Alternative Rock style. The melodies are awesome and along with the incredible instrumentation will get listeners swaying to it while singing along. "Falter" features a mix of instrumental goodness and vocals that excel in capturing the essence of what the band offer up. The various aspects take their turns in the spotlight and help make it highly enjoyable to jam out to. "Falling Leaves" is the shortest track on the album, clocking in at only two minutes long. The instrumental track serves more of an interlude style than anything else. "Autumn Breeze" continues the pace of the interlude and has a more chilled out vibe. "Four Leaf Clover" is a pure Rock song that could be on the soundtrack of Fast Times At Ridgemont High. The riffs are out of this world and the melodies transcend into the atmosphere. "Home" has shades of Twenty One Pilots ("Ride") to it. The Summery vibes it gives off are strong and it's really easy to sing along with. "Bonfires" is a nice steady Alternative Rock track that doesn't stop for anything. The melodies are top notch, the riffs swirl with ease and everything works quite well. The closer "Welcome to Me" starts with a catchy riff to pull in the listener with ease. The chorus amps things up and creates a wall of Rock sound that is super catchy and wraps the album out on a high note.

Of Saints & Scoundrels knock it out of the park with their new full length album.