Once Almost Never

Once Almost Never (Post Hardcore) - Perth, Australia

Spacecore band from Perth, WA. Exploring themes from space rock and metalcore to treat your ears.

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"Escape Velocity" EP Review
Once Almost Never is a band from Australia who describes themselves their sound as mixing Space Rock and Metalcore. What does that mean? Let's dive in and find out in our review. The opener "Life" builds the tone of the release with atmospheric tones while eventually incorporating a spaced out synthy, early sounding Underoath type breakdown. It's a sign of things to come as the next track "Sub-Orbital Tendencies" builds on that momentum and then some. The track blasts right in and doesn't let go. The in your face Metalcore sound in the beginning gives way to more melodic tones and a truly earth shattering breakdown. The upbeat melodic chorus is a delight and is dynamic in its approach. "85ft" is the lead single and is a blast to listen to. The track is in full gear throughout its near three minute length. It's extremely radio friendly while still maintaining an edge. It might veer into Easycore territory but that's not a bad thing. There's surely some A Day To Remember tendencies on the track. The pacing of the track picks up later on and really ends things on a high note with a crushing breakdown and chorus. "Mirage" continues the barrage on the senses. The track is heavy and highly energetic. The chorus is slightly more rockin' than the previous tracks. There's a breakdown halfway on the track that is remarkable and should be checked out right away. "Terror-Firma" is a two steppers heaven of a track. The swirling chorus is top notch and the instrumentation is on point to help create a stand out track on the so far excellent EP. "King of Hearts" opens with melodic vocals before tearing into a spacey Post Hardcore laden track that deserves to be a single. The track is out of this world and should be on every Post Hardcore fans playlist. "Aurora" closes the EP out on a high note. The track cements the fact that the band showcase their multi dimensional talents perfectly to create a stellar sound that is hard to find in an up and coming act like themselves. Do yourself a favor and pick up this EP immediately.

Once Almost Never have a candidate for EP of the year with their new "Escape Velocity" EP.