Opposition Out

Opposition Out (Metal) - Minot, North Dakota

We're a local metal band out of Minot, North Dakota. Were a group that loves making music and hopes to go somewhere with it. We push ourselves to make every song and show better.

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"Opposition Out: Vol. 1" EP
North Dakota isn't a place that usually gets talked about as a hotbed for Metal music but Opposition Out are out to change that with their recent EP. Let's dive in and tell you why you should check these guys out. "Anew Beginning" opens up the EP in hard hitting fashion. The track is fast, heavy and the melodic chorus doesn't overpower things. The instrumentation is the driving force behind the track and makes it really shine. "Close Your Eyes" is extremely heavy and pit inducing. The track is like a runaway freight train as it careens down the path of Metal/Metalcore at a fast clip. The sound brings to mind early As I Lay Dying in its style. "Awaken" is another banger that keeps the riffs coming. The rawness of the track is what really sticks out. There's a guitar solo on the track that puts the cherry on top of the utterly explosive melodic Metal track. "Evacuate" goes off the rails with breakdowns galore and melody. The stand out track does a great job of keeping things fresh and exciting (especially with the guitar riffing later on). "End Of Me" closes out the EP with upbeat Metal sound that really goes all out. The guitar work on the track is top notch and overall the track will leave you yearning for more.

Opposition Out explode onto the scene with their newest EP.