Psycho Visions

Psycho Visions (Metal) - Rzeszow, Poland

The band from Rzeszow, playing metal in a wide sense, which draws inspiration from various sources. After intensive rehearsals in the spring of 2015, Psycho Visions finished their first studio material and released their own expense EP - "further, darker, deeper ..." including five tracks, which premiered on 17th of May 2015. Then, Psycho Visions began their stage conquests, performing among others, both from the country and from abroad. After a series of successful concerts, the band made the decision to terminate the cooperation with vocalist Jakub Skiborg Skibiński. The decision was taken together with Jakub, so he can focus on his other musical projects. After some period of time and after searching for the right person, position of the vocalist in the band was taken by Exhumenicon, guitarist of the band. After that, band prepared their next album. "Inflect", released in March 2018 and containing eight tracks, developed the sound and compositional freedom of the group. Promotion of the album was supported by promo videos for the singles "March of Mannequin" (chosen as “Video of the week” by The Pain Fucktory Magazine in Chile, South America), “Omne Trinum Perfectum” rehearsal video and live shows. Psycho Visions song "Dream my son" was also included on "Rock n'Sfera vol 1.", compilation containing chosen bands from Poland, and on ”Budząc umarłych… Vol. 14”, compilation attached to Musick Magazine (1/2018). At this point, Psycho Visions is working on next songs, and the promotion of their latest release.

Upcoming Shows:
12/6/19 - Lapidarium pod Ratuszem - Sandomierz, Poland
12/7/19 - Rock Klub Iron - Krosno, Poland
12/8/19 - Klub Vinyl - Rzeszów, Poland

"Inflect" Album Review
Polish Metal bands that create waves in the scene are a rarity with only Behemoth and Vader coming to mind as acts that injected life into the genre. This new album from Psycho Visions looks to stamp their place in the genre as one of the hottest up and coming Metal acts from Poland in awhile. Let's dive on in and tell you why in our newest review. The opening track "Black Sky" takes a bit to get going as the halfway mark as when it really cranks into a higher gear. It's a nice opener to help set the driving tone of the rest of the album. "Soul Collector" unleashes its fury early and often. The track is a whirlwind of riffs and breakdowns that'll get listeners head banging in no time. "March of Mannequin" is a single and showcases why perfectly. The track goes full speed ahead with instrumentation and vocals that keep things at a fast clip throughout its three minute length. "Red Devil" has shades of Death Metal as it's a little darker than the previous tracks. The guttural vocals keep the track on the heavier side of the Metal spectrum. "Insatiability" gets a little crazy early on. There's a tad of Faith No More sound to it but than it transitions into a more standard Metal track. The riffs keep coming and the song itself pulls out all the stops. "Dream My Son" has a riff throughout that'll get stuck in your head. The guitar work is stellar and the song itself as a stand out track that'll draw in fans of Metal. "Omne Trinum Perfectum" keeps the steady pace churning along. The upbeat Metal track is perfect for a workout. It;s such a great track to just jam out to! The closing track "Dance Of A Madman" is five minutes of epic Metal awesomeness. From the first note to the last of the album, it's simply one of the best Metal albums of the year.

Psycho Visions aims to put Poland on the Metal map with their latest album.

-Interview- (1/12/19)