Redwood Avenue

Redwood Avenue (Metal) - North Wales, United Kingdom

Bryn and Jamie established Redwood Avenue in 2013; as a 4 piece band with a mixture of punk, rock and metal. Aled was later to join that year replacing Fred as a vocalist. 2015 saw the band parting with their bassist Osian and replacing him with Dan, a friend from the area. Mitch was soon to follow to complete the band. We have played various gigs around North Wales; receiving very positive feedback at every show. Our sound has evolved, now sounding aggressive, progressive and melodic at the same time. We have grown closer as songwriters which has contributed to our sound as we draw upon many influences as individuals.

We gig regularly between jobs and have grown in confidence and hunger. Music is a passion for us. We throw so much emotion, time and dedication to writing and practicing, it makes us tight live and we bring plenty of energy without letting the performance suffer. We are ready to give this a proper try. To have a chance to connect with more people through the medium of music and even deeper through live shows is a massive opportunity. To make it work professionally has been a life-long ambition for each of us.

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"Reflections" EP Review
We don't have to tell you how the UK Metal scene has exploded over the years. With exciting upstart bands like Serperus, The Face Of Ruin and now Redwood Avenue, these up and comers are ready to take it to the next level. Redwood Avenue released this six track EP last month so let's dive on in and see what they're about. The opening track "Human Experiment" starts off with a stormy vibe along with a siren before breaking into an upbeat breakdown. The energetic chuggery continues even as clean sung vocals kick in with the chorus. The track has some real meat on its bones with technical riffs, stunning melodic sections and some brilliant breakdowns. "Exhibitionist" gets groovy off the bat with some nice little melody mixed in with a frantic guitar riff. It's more schizophrenic than the previous track. The "Humpty Dumpty" quote in the track before a crushing breakdown near the end of the track is a nice touch. "Transitions" is diverse in its approach. There's Metal riffs, Hardcore breakdowns, a dash of Punk and a Rock like chorus. It's quite the track and shows off some serious range for the band. It's highly infectious and will no doubt get the blood pumping (see the breakdown near the 3 minute mark). "Rats in Human Costumes" has a Melodic Metal flair to it. The vocals soar with melody, dig deep with brutality and the instrumentation keeps the track on a high octane pace throughout its five minute length. "Inane" is probably the most radio friendly track on the EP. The melody here is top notch. The track is still heavy though, there's no mistaking that. The track brings to mind Bury Tomorrow or even Haste The Day with its alternating harsh/melodic vocals mixed with Metalcore instrumentation. The single "Reflections" closes out the EP with a bouncy sound. The opening breakdown is a sign of things to come as the track keeps everything on a high clip. The six minute long track encompasses everything that the band is about - aggressive, progressive and melodic. It's a stunning EP from a band that every fan of Metal/Metalcore should keep their eye on.

Redwood Avenue are ready to up the Metal genre ante with their newest EP.