Second Glance

Second Glance (Pop Punk/Easycore) - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Second Glance is a pop punk/easycore band from Tulsa Oklahoma formed in 2013/2014 The founder Dillon and co founder vicky have been playing together since the the band first started and have great chemistry, friendship, and writing process. The group consist of vocalist Mikeyy Salinas, Lead Guitar Dillon Bible, Rhythm Guitar Vicky Zamora, Bassist Jake Simpson, Drummer Ryan Rase. They have released one album ( Citizen ) on February 28th 2018 and working on their second album with producer Kyle Simpson at Simpson Studios. Second Glance was initially called We Shall Remain, but due to some member changes. They decided to change their name to Second Glance after the song A Second Glance from A Day to Remembers album “And Their Name Was Treason”. Combining melodic structures of easycore and early 2000s pop punk Their new album coming out in winter 2019 defines the new line up of Second Glance.

Goals as a band is to make music as a living and take it to the next level, pushing ourselves to our limits. Playing as many shows as we can. We love what we do, so with the inspiring lyrics and positive messages we hope to inspire a boy, or girl to pick up an instrument, or get into music just like We did, when we saw our favorite bands perform live. Another goal is to have people love and support us and want to represent the band by wearing our merch while we play our hearts out every time we are on that stage for them and perform in front of 20k people. We want to meet everyone and let them know we are loyal to our fans.

Dillon- My passion for music came from my dad. He taught me everything about playing the guitar, and I always enjoyed playing music by his side on Sundays at church. He’s looking down on me right now. As I’m continuing this next chapter in my life and playing music with my amazing band mates. I do this cause I love music and enjoy playing next to my band mates. I have fun every time I’m with them. I don’t know what I would do without them. One day I hope to inspire a boy, or girl to pick up an instrument, or get into music just like I did, when I saw my favorite bands perform live. I do it for the fans and the love of the music. We get so much support from our family and friends. They encourage me to fulfill my dreams and accomplish my goals, and inspire me to do what I love. Favorite thing about this band/our music. The dedication and passion we have for the music. We are like a big family that respects one another. The chemistry we have as a band is strong, whether it’s some part we wrote in a song, or our personal lives. We are always there for each other. We always encourage to push each other to our full potential to create something unique. Our music is very energetic and fun to sing a long to. It’s got everything you can ask for, inspiring/positive lyrics, fast and heavy riffs to give that pop punk/hardcore feel, and just a fun band to see live.

Ryan - I just want it to say that ever since I was about 2 i wanted to play drums like animal from the muppets but got into piano until I couldn't take it anymore and have been beating the crap out of the drums ever since, taking notes and watching as many of my as favorite drummers as I could. Pop-punk will always be what fueled me through my adolescent years and shaped the drummer that I am, but playing so many genres and for so many different bands has really opened my eyes and polished my respect for all music. I try to be as professional and humble as I can with any avenue I find myself in and continue to have as much fun pursuing music and playing drums as I can.

Vicky plays rhythm guitar for the band. She does it cuz she was obsessed with Kurt Cobain and begged her mom to buy her a guitar at 14. She hasn't seen her natural hair color in years. She loves music and plays because music is what drives her soul and because her mom really believes in her. Favorite thing about being in Second Glance is the fans we meet and the other bands we become friends with. Goal is to have people love us and want to represent us thru our merch.

Jake - I started playing music after listening to ACDC when I was 9 years old. I taught myself how to play guitar and then taught myself how to play bass and have been a passionate about bass every since. I love the way bass sounds and feels and that's what drove me to playing bass.

mikeyy Salinas - I am from Topsail Island North Carolina. I front our band Second Glance. I started writing music in 2008 and attribute almost if not all of my musical inspiration from Patrick Stump. I'm looking to integrate some unorthodox elements into the pop punk scene with my vocals. I enjoy performing and meeting the community that still stands with our scene relative to our genre and am looking to excel my musicianship with the very critical feedback that comes with our alternative community. In conclusion, my long term goal is to be an audio engineer/music producer. To bring other artists visions life and have opportunities to be apart of something new and wonderful every chance I get. Amo mi luna

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"Topsail" Single Review
Second Glance continue their trademark Easycore sound with their new single "Topsail". Let's dig in and tell you all about it. The track starts off with a nice little breakdown to help set the bouncy tone. It really starts to hit its stride and drives forward with the first verse at around the 45 second mark. The harsh vocals mix with the vocals to create an almost A Day To Remember/early Fall Out Boy vibe. The melodies are on point. The end breakdown and chorus to close out the track comes quick and leaves kind of abruptly. Due to that, it helps the listener reach for the repeat button because it's really catchy and there's a lot to like. We can't wait for the entire album (due out soon)!

If this single is any indication, Second Glance are due to breakthrough sooner rather than later.

"Citizen" EP Review
Second Glance are a young up and coming band from Oklahoma that look to break through in the scene with their recent "Citizen" EP. Let's dive on in and let you know what we thought of it in our newest review. The opening track "City Lights" is high energy from start to finish. The Pop Punk bounce is in full effect as it glides along seamlessly with its driving riffs and melodic Punk vocals. Later in the track brings a bit of edge as harsh vocals and a nice little breakdown swoops in. "Timeless" features crunchy riffs and is a bit harder than the opener. The track features some excellent guitar work later in the track that really takes it to new heights. "Hero Of The Week" will get the live crowd jumping with it in no time. The track is a great example of the natural sound this band possesses as everything just sounds spot on and tight. The chaotic breakdown a little after the halfway mark is bonkers in all the right ways. The closing track "Open Eyes Open Ears" is fast and features more harsh backing vocals than the previous tracks. The chorus will induce some moshing for sure. The track and EP in general oozes massive potential. Check out this band as soon as you can!

Second Glance bring energy, fun and freshness to the Pop Punk/Easycore scene via their new EP.