Serperus (Metal) - Liverpool, UK

Formed in 2014, Liverpool’s Serperus have meticulously worked on creating a distinct, aggressive and melodic heavy metal sound after playing numerous local music venues and they are quickly becoming a go to act at any heavy metal night in the area. Finally after two years of hard work, Serperus released their debut EP “…with Pestilence” to close 2016. The seven track EP demonstrates complex technical ability (as seen in their guitar play-through videos) whilst still focusing on the ‘groove’ and ‘speed’ that their loyal fans know them for. Consistent high quality performances continue to gather crowds and pique the interest of beloved venues who specifically request the band to return for headline shows. 2017 is setting up to be an even bigger year for Serperus after recently winning their heat in Metal 2 the Masses Merseyside. The band are now launching their second EP titled “Infernal Seasons” on 10th May 2017. Infernal Seasons demonstrates the progress the band has made over the past year in its writing, complexity and technical experimentation. The first single off the EP “Divulge” is a great example of how the band have maintained their unrelenting musicianship, allied with clever variations that are woven into the brutal thrash riffs expected of the band. Infernal Seasons shows signs of the bands maturity and highlighted Serperus as one of the bands to look out for in 2017.

Upcoming Shows:
4/20/18 - EBGBS - Liverpool, UK

"Infernal Seasons" EP Review
Serperus are a Metal band from Liverpool, UK who recently released this EP are they're looking to showcase their evolution in their Metal sound. Let's see if they crank up their attractive qualities of speed and groove on this six track EP. The opening track "Infernal Seasons" cuts straight to the core of the listener with its metallic riffs and near Progressive sound. The vocals bring to mind Slayer or even Megadeth. The guitar solos on the track take the track to an even higher level. From the get go, the EP is extremely groove heavy. "Divulge" is the first single and it's hard and fast. The track is a testament to their progression as a band as it seamlessly combines new and old school Metal to create their own signature sound. Another tremendous guitar solo highlights the track perfectly. "Into Ruin" starts off with a slow build before exploding into a wall of Metal sound. The track takes the EP up to 11 as it has the chaotic sound that'll get people moshing along without hesitation. The ending of the track with a huge breakdown and top notch guitar solo is very exhilarating and fresh to hear. "Deliverance has Come" gets into high gear right away and wastes no time in pounding along full speed ahead. The track showcases the fierce, raw emotion of the band perfectly. It's a track that refuses to be ignored. "No Vindication" is the longest track on the EP clocking in at almost six and a half minute. The epic track takes the listener on a journey of Progressive Metal and a side of the band not heard on the previous tracks. The track builds and builds before erupting into a Metal sound that has now become their own signature sound. It's no holds barred Metal that doesn't back down to anything or anyone. The closer is a cover of the Slayer track "Spirit in Black". They keep up perfectly with the groove and speed of the classic Metal band while still putting their own little twist on the track. It's a bold choice to cover Slayer but the band accomplishes the challenge perfectly.

This new EP from Serperus features no holds barred Metal that doesn't back down from anything.