Six Feet To Salvation

Six Feet To Salvation (Hard Rock/Metal) - Indiana

Six Feet To Salvation is a Alt-Rock/Heavy Metal band based out of Fort Wayne Indiana. Combining the hard hitting riffs of metal with the energy of punk, Six Feet to Salvation aims to bring a unique sound to the rock music scene.

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"Dogma" Single Review
The track begins with an audio sample before erupting with a wall of Hard Rock riffage. The track dips into a more down tempo feel before building up with some crunch. The chorus hits heavy and is easy to chant along with. There's a slight Nu Metal feel in the second verse as it steadies itself. The chorus kicks back in before giving way to the bridge which is audio samples combining with a Soulfly like build which transitions into a Boyhitscar like delivery. The smal breakdown towards the end of the track is really nice which leads into the chorus to close things out.

Six Feet To Salvation hit on all cylinders with their newest single.

"Dear God" Single Review
The track begins with a soft, melodic guitar riff and gentle vocals to help soothe the listener right in. There's a slight build to the chorus as additional vocals kick in. The chorus hits hard and creates more of a Hard Rock tone than the verse. The track goes into high gear everything gets amplified even more. There's a slight Grunge feel to the second verse. There's a tremendous guitar solo towards the end of the track that helps wrap everything up nicely alongside a breakdown.

Six Feet To Salvation's newest single takes the Rock intensity up to 11.