Sky Swamp Orange

Sky Swamp Orange (Alternative/Experimental/Hip Hip/Rock) - Granby, Connecticut

Sky Swamp Orange is a 5 man crew consisting of Noel Levvis on vocals and production, Ronnie Champagne on guitar and production, John Read on dirty vocals and bass, Hunter Olin on drums, and Si-Poh on keyboard, vocals, hand percussion, and cello.

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"Harmonies & Hangovers" EP Review
Sky Swamp Orange are a genre bending group from Connecticut who recently released this four track EP at the start of the new year. Let's dive on in and see what they're all about. "Luna" opens up the EP and features Tess Driscoll. The track features a trippy Hip Hop style reminiscent of Cunninlynguists or early Outkast. The female vocals add another dimension to the other worldly track. The flow is very smooth and really opens things up quite nicely. "Tangerine" is next and has a guest spot from Descendant. The track has more of a Rhymesayers vibe to it ala P.O.S or Brother Ali. The Summer/uplifting sound is what helps take it to another level completely though. The drums and guitar work that come in are spectacular. The talent of the band are on full display on the track as it bobs and weaves through the landscape of Experimental Hip Hop with a dash of Alternative Rock. "East Side" opens with a guitar intro before transitioning into a clap inducing Indie Rock verse. The track is high energy and incredibly infectious. The hip hop sections later in the track don't hinder the track too much and serve as a bonus, if anything. "Prism" starts off a little slow but the build is worth it as when it takes off, it really blasts off! The track is amazing and flaunts the signature Sky Swamp Orange sound. The closer and every other track on the EP are radio friendly and should be able to cater of anyone who's a fan of just catchy sounds. The EP is sixteen minutes of catchy music that's hard to pin down to one genre. It's a very rare quality to have and Sky Swamp Orange pull it off effortlessly.

It might be early in 2018, but Sky Swamp Orange have an "EP Of The Year" candidate.

-Interview- (2/12/18)