Storm Harbour

Storm Harbour (Pop Punk) - Manchester, United Kingdom

Fronted by Alastair Bowie on vocals, the band is completed by guitarist Matt Watson, Dan Slann on bass and Charlie Armstrong on drums, each putting everything they have into every show they play and every song they write. They've got big plans for this year, so keep an eye out!

Upcoming Shows:
More shows coming soon.

"First Place for Faking Friendships" EP Review
Storm Harbour are an exciting up and coming Pop Punk band from the UK looking to garner more attention in the Pop Punk world with their newest "First Place for Faking Friendships" EP. The opening track "Kick It Off (With A Killer)" is a nice little short instrumental number with a burst of energy to help set the tone. "Maybe a Heartbreak" continues the high energy with a bouncy Pop Punk sound. There's a New Found Glory vibe to the track as the highly infectious melodies combine with some edgier Pop Punk instrumentation. "Getting There" features an outstanding guitar work and perfectly meshes Alternative Rock with Pop Punk. The melodic chorus flies into the stratosphere and the instrumentation keeps things polished throughout its four minute span. The bridge of the track brings to mind A Day To Remember's more recent material. The single "Fool Me Twice" blasts the doors off the EP. The intense nature of the track pulls in the listener and doesn't let go. It's an amazing track that keeps the melodies coming at a frantic clip with still maintaining their Pop Punk style. The closing track "I'm Scared Of Building Bridges Just To Burn Them Down" finishes up the EP on a high note. Their signature style is on full display as the upbeat Pop Punk sound mixes with an easy to sing along to chorus to create a stunner of a track. All the tracks on the EP could be singles with their highly accessible nature. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out right away.

Storm Harbour have an EP that should be a delight to fans of ultra catchy Pop Punk.