Stranger Minds

Stranger Minds (Rock) - Padua, Italy

Stranger Minds is a band that came together in November 2016 consisting of former members of 'The Particells' and new singer Oisin McCormack. The group is made up of:
Oisin Mccormack: Vocals/piano
Alessandro Cimini: Guitar
Charlie Cope: Drums/vocals
Alberto Masetto: Bass
Alice Saracini: Synth
The band is a rare mix of nationalities and styles which creates something truly unique due to the varied mixture of influences such as the Cure, the divine comedy, death from above 1979 and Muse. These are just some of the bands which have inspired the group to produce an innovative style which can be defined as between indie and alternative rock. After a lot of hard work, Stranger Minds are on the cusp of releasing their first EP.

Upcoming Shows:
More shows coming soon.

"King & Fool" EP Review
Stranger Minds are making quite the name for themselves in their Italian area and are looking to venture out even further with their newest EP. Let's dive on in and tell you why you need to check this act out as soon as possible. The opener "Monster" is extremely in depth as it features acoustic, ambient and symphonic tones that combine with moody vocals to help pull in the listener off the bat. The track picks up steam and gets more and more emotional as the guitars crank in. The track dips back down for a bit for the second verse before heading back up into the more harder spectrum of Rock. The track is a roller coaster of emotion that you'd want to experience multiple times. "Disco Has To Die" has the vibe of The Killers. The upbeat Rock tones are uppity and very dance-able. The track is awesome! "The Price Is Right" is more synth Rock track. It bobs and weaves into a more modern Enter Shikari territory. The melody and riffs on the track are on point and it's easy to get sucked into. "Break The Circle" sounds like it'd be perfect in a John Hughes film. The throwback sound is moody and features a wall of emotion later in the track. The epic closer "Stalingrad" packs a mighty punch in its near five minute length. There's a lot to enjoy here and something for everyone in regards to the EP as a whole.
Stranger Minds have a new EP here that breaks down the international walls of Rock music.