Surviving Seasons

Surviving Seasons (Punk Rock) - Rhode Island

Established in 2018 by three longtime friends, Surviving Seasons brings an energetic punk rock experience like no other, self-dubbed "Ocean State Punk Rock". A tree piece band with members' influenced by many genres including Classic Rock, Metal, Alternative, Ska, Reggae and of course Punk Rock. We bring all of those influences into our music and it shows with a different array of feeling in each one of our songs. We have released three singles and more recently an EP featuring six of our favorite songs. Looking forward to the future and what the next season will bring!

"Surviving Seasons" EP Review
"Animal Pharm" is fast, aggressive and in your face with their brand of Punk Rock. The opener sets the tone early and doesn't let up with its early Offspring like vibes. "SelfLess" cranks things up a bit as it has a bit more melody and a tad faster with its pacing. The bridge features a more melodic dip in its instrumentation before building back up and breaking back through with its catchy chorus. "Torn" is a cover of the Natalie Imbruglia track. "Trash Bunny" continues down the upbeat Punk Rock path set before it and creates a nice catchy sound that pulls in listeners with ease. "OutLook" is the longest track on the EP, clocking in at over four minutes. There's a lot to like on the track as its filled to the brim with their signature sound and packs the Punk Rock punch that they're known for. "20 Winks" doesn't slow down. The closer keeps the intensity high and it helps close things out with a tone that makes the listener crave for even more.

Surviving Seasons showcase their Punk Rock sound perfectly with their recent EP.