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"Embrace The Change" Album Review
The opener "A New Lease On Strife" has shades of early Atreyu to it. The track is Melodic Metalcore and featues plenty of heaviness and riffage that'll satisfy any and all Metalheads. "11 Cents" is more technical and features more melodic riffs than the opener. There's a more early As I Lay Dying feel to the track with its clean sung melodies and breakdowns. "Suneater" has a bit of Bury Tomorrow to it The Melodic Metalcore vibes are strong with its breakdowns and melodies. "Blindsided" is five minutes of a different side of the band. The track takes its time and builds a more atmospheric, Times of Grace like sound. "Serenity" kicks right in with some Progressive Metal type instrumentation before the melodic vocals enter the fray. The easy to sing along to first verse gives way to some harsh vocals and the soaring melodic chorus. There's a bit of Killswitch Engage and Flaw vibes are strong on the chorus. The track amps up the heaviness on the second verse with some serious riffage and harder vocals. It becomes more Metalcore in its delivery while the chorus picks the melodic pace back up. The ending of the track goes off the rails with its intensity and closes things out on a devastating note. "Teaching A Fish To Man" is high octane throughout and will be a fan favorite in no time. The track blazes a path of destruction and ultra catchy melodic vocals that help make it a standout track. "Transformation" is another example of the twists and turns that the band offer up. The track is purely instrumental and showcases their chops. "Broken Compass" gets back into the groove of things. The track is heavy, melodic and everything that the band is about. The title track starts off with a more Deathcore like opening as it pulverizes the listener with aggression. The track continues down the Deathcore path with growls and screams taking turns while a crunchy riff is in the background. There's a Times of Grace like breakdown at the minute and a half mark that might go on a bit too long. Clean vocals come out of nowhere and bring with it The Sorrow like intensity. The track once again switches up and brings with it a melodic bridge akin to early Killswitch Engage. The three minute mark conjures up the clean vocals once again and closes things out with a fade out. "To Forget Is To Forsake" should be a single. The track wastes no time and getting to the meat of things and is better for it. The track is also one of the shortest songs on the album, which helps make it go straight to the point. The guitar work is incredible later in the track. The ender is an acoustic version of "Blindsided" to close things out.

Tea With Titans enter the fray of the Metalcore world with their new chaotic full length album.